Mom jailed for injecting feces into son's IV as he battled cancer

Mom jailed for injecting feces into son's IV as he battled cancer

A mother has been jailed for seven years for injecting feces into her son's IV as he battled cancer, the Daily Mail has reported.

The incident took place at Riley Children's Hospital where Tiffany Alberts' 15-year-old son was being treated for leukemia. The teacher from Indiana was sentenced on Thursday for aggravated battery and neglect.

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Doctors at the hospital contacted police after the teenager began to repeatedly contract blood infections. They conducted tests that showed that they were being caused by germs typically found in human feces.

The infections were so serious that medical professionals had no option but to halt the 15-year-old's chemotherapy as he battled them. Had he the life-saving treatment been administered simultaneously, he could have died.

CNN reports that Marion County Superior Court documents state the mother knowingly placed her son "in a situation that endangered the dependent's life or health."

Credit: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

This lowered the boy's chances of surviving leukemia and increased his chances of relapse, as per the Metro.

While investigating the cause of the infections, a nurse checked security footage from the hospital, and it was then that his mother's actions were uncovered. She was injecting human feces into his IV drip.

A hospital room. Credit: Pixabay

At first, she claimed to have only "shot water" into the IV line because her son was being burned by his medication but later confessed that it was her 15-year-old son's stools - and that she had done it for the greater good.

She said that she wanted him to become sicker so that he could be moved to a different floor of the hospital where she believed he would receive better care.

Alberts was initially charged with attempted murder, but she was cleared last September, as per the IndyStar. And despite her son's horrific ordeal, he is now reported to be doing well.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish the 15-year-old all the best in his continued recovery.