Mom shares son's injuries after daycare staff claim he was attacked by a 'two-year-old child'

Mom shares son's injuries after daycare staff claim he was attacked by a 'two-year-old child'
Warning: Some people may find images in this article upsetting.

A mother has shared pictures of the horrific injuries her son received after he was allegedly attacked by a "two-year-old child" at daycare.

The incident, which took place in April of last year, left Jesse Harris IV with cuts, grazes, and severely swollen lips, but despite the extent of the toddler's injuries, prosecutors have refused to press charges against those who were supposedly caring for the child.

Now, his parents are questioning who really hurt Jesse at the daycare center: 

According to the prosecutor, Terry Curry, an investigation into Jesse's injuries, a medical review, statements, and cell phone records did not substantiate a criminal charge.

After receiving a call from the KiddieGarden Daycare to say that her child was injured, Jesse's mother, Tiffany Griffin, filed for criminal charges, convinced that a child couldn't cause such extensive injuries.

The IndyChannel reported that the two children were "periodically" checked in on and the alarm was raised when Jesse was injured.

An injured child. Credit: Facebook

Tiffany said: "When I saw my son's face - I was like - If a 2-year-old did it, how could she have that much time to do that?

"I would have heard my son screaming from outside."

An injured child lying down. Credit: Facebook

Meanwhile, prosecutor Curry released a statement about the incident which was in line with the daycare center's account of events.

He said: "A medical expert confirmed that the child’s injuries were consistent with having been inflicted by another young child. The daycare employee who was responsible for the child's care has cooperated in the investigation."

A child in a neck brace. Credit: Facebook

The boy's dad, Jesse Sr., however, has called for further investigation into the case so that if there is an adult responsible, they can be brought to justice for their actions.

Jesse said: "Welcome to America, where a 1-year-old baby can be beat, and no one is held accountable.

"America, you have no soul; our children are doomed.

"Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it. Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have."

Fox59 reported in May 2018 that after the incident, the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) closed down the daycare center.