One of the world's largest cruise ships is offering Aussie firefighters a free holiday

One of the world's largest cruise ships is offering Aussie firefighters a free holiday

Earlier this year, the world watched in horror as Australia was ravaged by devastating bushfires.

The human - and particularly animal - cost of the disaster was exponential, with over a billion animals estimated to have lost their lives per ABC. But amid the tragedy, tales of heroism emerged, and some of the biggest heroes were firefighters.

Yet firefighters weren't the only heroes during the crisis. Many ordinary people put their lives on the line too.

This woman risked her life to save a burnt koala: 

Now, one of the world's biggest cruise liners, Royal Carribean, wants to give back to the firefighters by offering them a free holiday on one of the world's biggest cruise ships, the Spectrum of the Seas, which was recently unable to complete its Asian trip because of the coronavirus.

In the video below, a Wuhan medic breaks down in tears because of the coronavirus: 

Instead of leaving the ship unused until the situation is resolved, Royal Carribean wants to put the Spectrum of the Seas to good use elsewhere.

A spokesperson told Traveller: "It is our privilege to offer two complimentary sailings onboard our newest superliner Spectrum of the Seas from Sydney in the coming weeks, as a way of thanking the incredible first responder community who worked tirelessly over the bushfire season.

"We are in a fortunate position to offer such brave members of our community and their families the chance to join us for a few days to relax and unwind."

A cruise ship. Credit: PA Images

The spokesperson continued: "We will be announcing further details in the coming week following consultation with the relevant authorities, including cruise schedules and the booking process."

As per 7News, the ship could begin its special Australian journeys at the end of the month. However, this might not be enough time for its intended passengers to secure time off of work.

A cruise ship. Credit: PA Images

As per Royal Carribean's website, Chief Executive Michael Bayley said in a statement that he wanted to give back to the "brave and selfless members of the Australian community", adding that they would enjoy "the opportunity to join us for a few days and let them relax and unwind in the company of other volunteers and first responders."

He added: "By welcoming and accommodating them aboard Spectrum of the Seas, we hope to recognize their contribution and offer them our hospitality."

The Spectrum of the Seas is the 10th biggest cruise ship in the world. Measuring a staggering 347 meters long, it boasts 18 decks, 20 restaurants, a surfing wave machine, and even a skydiving simulator!