President Trump congratulates wrong state for Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win

President Trump congratulates wrong state for Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win

President Trump congratulated the wrong state for Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win on Twitter.

He made the mistake shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs secured their 31-20 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, congratulating the team and the "Great State of Kansas" for the win.

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However, while President Trump's intentions might have been good, there was one glaring error in his congratulatory message: the Kansas City Chiefs are based in Kansas City, Missouri - not the state of Kansas.

"Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU!" Trump wrote.

Trump congratulating the wrong state after the Super Bowl. Credit: Twitter / Donald Trump

While the President was quick to realize and correct his mistake, it wasn't long before tweets slamming him flooded the website.

A screenshot of the blunder was shared by former Missouri senator Claire McCaskill, who wrote: "It's Missouri you stone cold idiot."

Trump's mistake is all the more surprising because Kansas City is the biggest city in Missouri, even if small parts of the state line cross the border into Kansas.

Another Twitter user sarcastically wrote: "This tweet is shocking. I can't believe Trump knew Kansas was located in the USA."

A second compared the mistake to when Mike Pompeo tried to humiliate a reporter over whether or not she could locate  Ukraine on a map.

However, as anyone who follows Trump's activity on social media will know, this is far from the first time that he's made a glaring error.

In January, the President created what's now been known as "Sharpiegate" by extending a picture with a marker pen to falsely illustrate the path of hurricane Dorian to include Alabama.

As per, the President has made 188 spelling mistakes on Twitter since taking office. To put this into context, that's one mistake every five days. The most famous of which, of course, was "covfefe" - a typo that now has its own Wikipedia page.