School administrator facing $45000 fine for 'inappropriate' Halloween costume

School administrator facing $45000 fine for 'inappropriate' Halloween costume

A Flordia school administrator has come under fire for her "inappropriate" Halloween costume and is now facing a $44,000 fine, as per the Daily Mail.

According to reports, Mary Coker, director of procurement and warehousing services for Broward County Public Schools, came to school in a barely-there flasher outfit under a heavy coat and "inappropriately 'flashed' children, staff and colleagues" at a Halloween event at Lanier James Education Center, a complaint filed with district officials revealed.

School staff have to be aware of their responsibility at all times. This teacher didn't when he lost his cool after a school prank: 

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that the complaint said: "Employees at the brunch were offended and some suggested that they could not tell if Ms Coker was wearing a costume or was truly naked."

Ms Coker allegedly told people at the school: "Hey everybody, relax, it is fake."

After the incident, the 46-year-old allegedly asked people to get rid of any pictures of the outfit, which consisted of fake nipples and faux pubic hair, when she realized that it had not gone down well.

The outfit, which was described as "poor judgment", has been said to reflect badly on the district and its employees' values.

Now, Coker could be demoted from her current position to manager of materials and logistics on Tuesday - a punishment that would incur a $44,000 salary decrease. Coker's current salary is $154,000.

Desks. Credit: Pixabay

Carol Schroeder, a retired office manager sent pictures of Coker in the outfit to various news outlets in October including the Sun-Sentinel, writing: "I hope you find it equally inappropriate as I do."

Pictures of Coker in the barely-there outfit were also posted to social media where people called for her to lose her job.

"I would not allow her to represent our school system," one woman wrote. "Disgusting."

Coker has currently been suspended from her position for seven days as a result of the incident. She has also been enrolled in sensitivity training.