'Storm Area 51' event increases business for America's 'highest-paid' prostitute

'Storm Area 51' event increases business for America's 'highest-paid' prostitute

A woman who claims to be America's highest-paid prostitute has said that business is booming thanks to the Storm Area 51 event.

In case your memory needs refreshing, this was a Facebook event in Nevada that two million people agreed to attend (although only 150 turned up), which encouraged alien enthusiasts to storm the base long associated with extraterrestrial activity in a bid to "see dem aliens".

According to Alice Little, the popularity of the event has led to a surge in people wanting an out-of-this-world experience with a real, live human.

The event was scheduled to take place between on September 20, so, to capitalize on its popularity, Little offered a 50 percent discount for all clients who booked her services between September 20 (the day of the raid) and September 22.

In an interview with KTNV, Alice, who operates her business from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Carson City, Nevada, said: "In over three years as a legal prostitute, I've never seen such excitement from tourists interested in exploring all of the unique adventures that make Nevada such an amazing destination.

"We have aliens, we have famous top-secret military bases, we have the best in gaming and nightlife, and we have legal prostitution. The 'Storm Area 51' crowd clearly wants to explore all of these marvelous only-in-Nevada opportunities."

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch is a brothel in Lyon County, where prostitution is legal and regulated.

As part of the promotion, Little has quite literally added an alien theme to her services, advertising an immersive "alien abduction fantasy experience" which includes sensory deprivation, alien probing, and impregnation adventures.

She added: "I've got little lights that I've got set up so this way it's different lighting than standard, I've got some alien sound effect type music playing in the background."

"I have guests looking to spend entire days, evenings and weekends with me, really diving all the way into this abduction headspace where they want to be immersed in it for 48 hours nonstop."

However, Little is far from the only person capitalizing on the Storm Area 51 event. Since its announcement, Pornhub has revealed that searches for adult films with an extraterrestrial twist have skyrocketed.

In fact, an adult film was even made about the subject, centering around a couple who stormed the base and made contact with an alien.

Its synopsis reads: "Do aliens exist? If so, are they horny? What is life like away from Earth? These are the mysteries that have baffled humankind for centuries.

"Finally, these mysteries have been solved. Pornhub has discovered a video featuring two porn stars raiding Area 51 and then having sex with an alien."