Teacher disciplined after punching student who said he had a 'pedo mustache'

Teacher disciplined after punching student who said he had a 'pedo mustache'

A teacher has been disciplined after reportedly punching a student who said said he wore his moustache “like a paedophile would”.

As per 7News, the New Zealand teacher was forced to attend a disciplinary tribunal after he punched a 13-year-old student who said that he had a pedo mustache. 

This teacher also lost their cool after their students played a prank on them: 

The teacher was charged with assault and his actions were described as "serious misconduct" by New Zealand's Teaching Council Disciplinary Tribunal. 

The incident took place on February 7, 2018, when the male teacher, whose name is not known, was playing football while the pupil watched from the sidelines. After he left the field, the 13-year-old insulted his mustache.

As per the Metro, this was not the first time that the pupil had mentioned the teacher's mustache that day.

A statement of what happened was agreed, and according to it, the teacher asked the pupil if he "wanted a smack in the face".

The student then gestured to his cheek and said: "Yes, right here."

In response, the teacher punched the 13-year-old, telling him: "You're not laughing now."

A teacher writing on a blackboard. Credit: Pixabay

While recounting the incident to the tribunal, the teacher said that he was frustrated by the pupil's actions and particularly upset that he had called him a pedophile.

He explained that he was taking medication to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety and believes that this could have contributed to his violent response.

The tribunal issued the following statement about its verdict: "Punching a child's head is a very serious matter.

"[His] behavior was totally unacceptable and set a very poor example to the student, not to mention that it could have had some very serious physical consequences for the boy."

The identity of the student and the school where the incident took place have not been made public.