The NRA has officially been declared a "domestic terrorist organization" in San Fransisco

The NRA has officially been declared a "domestic terrorist organization" in San Fransisco

The US has been plagued by devastating mass shootings, which have prompted nationwide calls for harsher firearms laws.

Per USA Today, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has been declared a "domestic terrorist organization" by officials in San Francisco after a shooting at a festival in Gilroy, California, left four people, including the gunman, dead and a further thirteen people injured.

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Officials concluded that the NRA was, in part, to blame for the prevalence of mass shootings, giving it what is a rare classification for a US lobbying group.

The resolution read: "All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association's influence."

It added that the US is being "plagued by an epidemic of gun violence" and that the NRA has used "its considerable wealth and organization strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence."

The NRA headquarters. Credit: Getty

While the classification can't limit the ability of the NRA to sell its products, it does mean that the city will "take every reasonable step to limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization."

President Trump, however, has said the classification should have been given to the left-wing autonomous antifascist movement, Antifa.

Charlton Heston at NRA Convention. Credit: Getty

Responding to the classification, the NRA issued a statement which read: "This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few."

"The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans."