This is the amazing £8,000 gift Prince Harry got for Prince Louis' christening

This is the amazing £8,000 gift Prince Harry got for Prince Louis' christening

This year has been a big one for the royal family. Not only have we seen the beautiful wedding ceremony between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but they have also welcomed an additional prince into the world: Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton's pregnancy was announced to the world via Kensington Palace on September 4 last year, just twelve weeks into her pregnancy. Then, on April 23, 2018, she and Prince William's third child was born at St Mary's Hospital in London, the same location where the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to their other children, Charlotte and George.

Four days after Kate gave birth, the newborn prince's name was revealed to the world, with Louis being the name chosen for their second son. Kensington Place said on their Instagram page at the time:

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share two photographs of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, taken by The Duchess at Kensington Palace.‬

"This image was taken on May 2, on Princess Charlotte’s third birthday.‬ ‪The Duke and Duchess would like to thank members of the public for their kind messages following the birth of Prince Louis, and for Princess Charlotte’s third birthday.‬"

There was another reason that this birth was monumental, as well. Thanks to 2013’s Succession to the Crown Act, male heirs, no longer take precedence over female ones, meaning the birth of Louis didn't change the order of the succession. However, Prince Harry has been booted further down, now sixth in line to the throne, and the baby coming in at number five.

Today (Monday 9th July), it's Prince Louis' christening, and it seems that Harry doesn't bear any grudges against the little one for taking his spot in line, as he bought him a sentimental (and very expensive) gift for the event. The 11-week-old royal, who is now fifth in line to the throne, is to be baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chapel Royal at St James' Palace.

For his gift, Harry has spent £8,000 ($10,621) on a first-edition Winnie the Pooh book for his nephew. The copy of the AA. Milne book is one of a printing of 30,000 from 1926, but it is much rarer these days. It is believed to have been bought from Peter Harrington, a seller of rare books from Kensington, London.

"One of Harry’s happiest childhood memories was being read a bedtime story by his mother," a friend of Harry's reportedly told The Sun. "She loved all the classics and Harry had the brilliant idea of starting a little library of first editions."

They continued:

"He originally wanted to get Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, which was on sale for £24,000, but decided Winnie-The-Pooh would be more suitable for a first tome.

"Robinson Crusoe was William’s favourite book, but Harry loved all things A.A. Milne."

So, there's a sweet story behind it too! This christening is also notable for another reason - as it will be the first time that Prince William, Kate, and their three children will be seen together in public as a family of five. What else could the little prince be receiving as a gift that day?