93-year-old woman arrested as a dying wish after being 'good all her life'

93-year-old woman arrested as a dying wish after being 'good all her life'

Unless we can figure out a way to transfer our consciousness to the cloud, like in the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror, we are all going to die one day. (Spoiler alert.) Since our time on this earth is limited, we all have a bucket list, a number of experiences or achievements we hope to accomplish. These goals might include tandem skydiving, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, and recording a rap album dissing all those jerks from high school.

A 93-year-old woman from North Manchester recently completed her dying wish: to get arrested. That's an experience people typically want to avoid, but at the same time, you can't help but harbor some curiosity. On Twitter, Pam Smith thanked the Greater Manchester police for "arresting" her grandmother, Josie Birds, although she committed no crime. (That we know of. Search her apartment, cops!)

"A big thank you to @gmpolice for "arresting" my Gran Josie today," Pam tweeted. "She is 93 years old and her health is failing, and she wanted to be arrested for something before it's too late. She has a heart of gold and thoroughly enjoyed it today. Thank you for granting her wishes."

"I’m glad our officers could help out," a representative from the police force replied. "Looks like she got the full experience! Give our best to Josie and I’ll try and pass your message back to the officers who kindly helped out."

The tweet about Josie's dying wish to get arrested received more than two thousand likes. "She's well-known locally and has never put a foot wrong all her life," Pam explained. "She is quite poorly now and wanted to do something 'naughty' while she still has the strength to enjoy it. This has definitely put a bit smile on her face!"

According to The Guardian, Pam went on to say that the arrest "made an old lady very happy." "She is [doing] quite poorly and wanted to do something like this while she still has the strength to enjoy it," Pam reportedly said. "She’s been good all her life (she says....) and wanted to have an experience to remember! She’s a star."

Congratulations on getting out of jail, Josie!