A professional face reader has revealed all the drama allegedly swirling inside the Royal Family

A professional face reader has revealed all the drama allegedly swirling inside the Royal Family

Although the royal wedding was two months ago, the effluvia surrounding the newly appointed Duke and Duchess of Sussex refuses to die down. Whether we're scrutinising Meghan Markle's sartorial choices or rehashing all the tearjerking moments from the ceremony, one thing is for sure: the erstwhile Suits actress has to get used to being decimated by the tabloids.

And boy do people have a lot to say. While we wouldn't expect any drama to come from an official family portrait, professional face reader, Dan Hill, has a rather different take on the photograph that was taken last week at Prince Louis's christening.

Although this round of royals is arguably the most photogenic to date, the author of the forthcoming book, Famous Faces: Decoded, believes that tensions were at an all-time high during what should have been a most joyous of occasions. The professional face reader analysed the visages and body language of some of the uppermost members of Kensington Palace, and it looks like some individuals weren't all that pleased to be there.

Saying that Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, "is the most interesting thing in this photograph," Hill explains that the way her upper lip is flared signals disgust. Additionally, he notes that the lower lid of her right eye is tightened to a straight line, which is allegedly the most reliable sign of anger. "I don't know if she's having a bad day or just really tired of being photographed, but she's the least happy of everyone here. Although she has some competitors," Hill continued.

Turning to Prince Charles, Hill says that the fact that his smile is lopsided suggests that it is "more forced", stating: "Whenever you see an asymmetrical smile, it's a little unsettling. I think he's being a good boy and putting it on for the photo."

And the same apparently goes for Charles's son - William. "It feels like a forced smile," Hill insists. "I'm not saying he's unhappy, but the boy in his lap is a lot happier than his father is."

As could be expected, Hill pegged Kate as the happiest adult in the snap, although he commented that "It's not the most ecstatic smile I've ever seen." Pointing to the fact that Kate's left eyebrow is raised, the professional face reader asserts that "You arch your eyebrow in surprise or fear. She has a pleasant smile to go with it—it's as if the new child is her pleasant surprise."

With some tightness in his lower eyelids and a smile that doesn't inspire much joy, Hill says that Prince Harry's expression hints at the "anger and toughness" that he oft displays when in the spotlight.

Although Hill states that the Duke of Sussex has so far paled in comparison to his wife - an erstwhile actress - in this photograph, Meghan Markle's smile is allegedly not as "exuberant" as it usually is. "Her eyes are flared a bit, and they look a bit wide, which could be a sign that she's on alert, surprised, or angry, but I wouldn't go too far down that road," he theorises. "There's nothing particularly notable there."

Well, regardless of whatever personal or familial issues Hill believes the royals were battling through last week, it's evident that Kate Middleton and her newest arrival had a blast.