All-you-can-eat cheese parties are coming to the UK

All-you-can-eat cheese parties are coming to the UK

Cheese is one the best foods out there - even if you're vegan. Seriously, an all vegan cheese shop opened in London this year, and now all-you-can-eat cheese parties are coming to the UK!

They are hosted by a company called Homage2Fromage, and if you happen to live in the north of England, in the very near future, you'll be able to get stuck in. Each party - or festival, whatever you prefer - has a different theme, and they are set to take place in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, and Harrogate.

A table covered in blocks of cheese. Credit: Instagram / @Homage2Fromage

The parties even come with a guest speaker - although no details have been provided yet on who this could be. Our money's on a chef or perhaps a cheesemonger who can provide more information on what's being offered.

Check out Lewis Capaldi's favorite hangover food; the mac 'n' cheese pizza: 

As the picture below demonstrates, the cheeses do not come alone either. And there will naturally be wines, crackers, grapes, and all that lovely stuff on offer to make your wildest, cheese-themed tasting dream come true.

In an interview with the Metro, the company's co-founder, Nick, said:

"The aim of the club is to celebrate great cheese in an informal fun way - this is not about snobby cheese and wine tastings, it is about sharing one of the greatest foods ever, in a simple, relaxed way.

"Homage2Fromage helps you discover new cheese, meet like-minded cheese fans and hear some of the amazing stories behind cheese and cheesemaking."

A selection of numbered cheeses. Credit: Instagram / @Homage2Fromage

Nick continued: "If you are passionate about cheese, curious about the many different kinds of cheese out there, how it's made, where it comes from, who makes it, why something so simple can be so diverse, so versatile, so delicious - then this is the club for you."

And just like any good tasting event, you won't find out what you're eating right away. The cheeses are labeled with numbers, with further details being provided during the night about what they contain.

If you'd like to become a member of Homage2Fromage, you can sign up through their website.