Baby born with full mop of hair now proudly sports bouffant that 'won't lie flat'

Baby born with full mop of hair now proudly sports bouffant that 'won't lie flat'

A mother who hails from Greater Manchester has opened up about how she gave birth to a baby who now sports a full head of hair. Natalie Whittaker, who hails from Droyslden, experienced constant heartburn while pregnant with her baby girl Dolly Babs Taylor.

The signs that she was going to be hairy were apparent to doctors early in Natalie's pregnancy, but after giving birth to her little girl seven months ago, she already had luscious locks, and now her hair is so fluffy that Dolly's mum struggles to manage it.

Commenting on her baby's hairdo in a recent interview with The Mirror, Natalie stated: "I maintain it by wetting it trying to flatten it down, and when it’s dry it just sticks up again and just won’t lie flat! Sometimes I put in a clip in it if we are going out on a special occasion ... strangers remark on her hair all the time."

She added: "The other week when I went out shopping, seven people stopped me in amazement commenting how much hair Dolly has and how beautiful she is. People say they have never seen a child with so much hair."

"Family members say it almost looks like someone has plonked a piece hair on top of her head, and it's why they call her endearingly by the nickname 'Fluffy'. Dolly Babs takes all the comments in her stride and ever so pleasantly always manages a lovely smile for everyone. I think 'bless her' while she’s probably thinking 'what’s all the fuss about!'"

An image of baby Dolly Babs Taylor. Credit: The Mirror

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