BMW recalls more than 300,000 cars which are at risk of malfunctioning

BMW recalls more than 300,000 cars which are at risk of malfunctioning

BMW is extending an existing UK recall to include the 1 Series, the 3 Series, the Z4 and the X1 manufactured between March 2007 and August 2011. Last year, BMW recalled 36,000 petrol cars due to safety concerns.

However, the German automotive giant now recognises that there may be similar problems in other models and this new recall includes diesel cars as there are both diesel and petrol versions of the X1.

The initial investigations took place after a tragic incident whereby a motorist, Narayan Gurung, died on Christmas Day 2016 after having swerved to avoid a broken-down BMW. The car had suffered a complete power failure on a dark A-road.

However, an investigation by the BBC's Watchdog has found that many more cars are at risk of sudden stalling. BMW owner Mwape Kambafwile told the BBC: "I just thought to myself if I was driving on the motorway with my family in the car, that could have been very dangerous."

Furthermore, it recently transpired that the car manufacturer had neglected to inform the UK's Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency about the electrical fault which some of its models were experiencing.

BMW said it had worked with the DVSA and hadn't ignored requests or withheld information. However, an inquest uncovered that there had been complaints about a total power failure in certain models as early as 2011.

BMW stated: "We now recognise that there may have been some cases of similar power supply issues in vehicles not covered by the original recall."

"In order to reassure customers with concerns about the safety of their vehicles, we are voluntarily extending the recall."

"We are therefore announcing today that we will take the proactive step of expanding the existing UK recall to cover all vehicles potentially affected by the power supply issue."

BMW's recent recalls aren't limited to the UK however. In 2013, they recalled half a million cars in the US, Australia, Canada and South Africa.