Bradford man discovers a huge, six-inch cornflake in his cereal box

Bradford man discovers a huge, six-inch cornflake in his cereal box

Although a lot of us have kind of moved toward toast, bacon and eggs first thing in the morning, when you're a kid, what's better than a bowl of cereal to start off your day? Whether you were into Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms or Froot Loops, I'm sure that you had many an awesome breakfast with cereal, but that's only partly down to the cereal itself.

For me, the best part of cereal was pouring out your various flakes, loops or other delicious sweet morsels, and getting a stunning surprise in your cereal, splashing you with a couple drops of milk in the process.

Such surprises are usually in the form of a toy (I even once found a video game in my box of cereal), but one man got something very unusual in his box of cereal: one very large piece of cereal. Hinay Lad, a 22-year-old from Bradford, found the giant flake in a box of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut, and at its longest point, it was nearly half the length of the box.

Speaking to news outlets, Hinay described the moment he discovered the giant flake, and revealed that he reported it to Kellogg's as he thought it was a "choking hazard".

"It just looked like a bit of ceiling had fallen into the box. We were like 'what's going on here?' I thought it was a bit dangerous because it could have been a choking hazard. It even looks like it could be something from outer space, a bit of meteorite or something."

How weird, right? Hinay, who is studying healthcare at London's Queen Mary University in the United Kingdom, was back home with his dad, chowing down on some breakfast, but those best laid plans were cut short by the foreign flake. You're probably asking right now: did Hinay try to eat the giant flake? I'm sorry to say that he did not, but from the way he describes it you could probably understand that:

"It felt like a rock, if you tried bending it it wouldn't break. That's why we thought it was a bit of ceiling. You could have chipped your teeth on it. I wrote to Kellogg's and their explanation was that it occurred in their plant. I've never seen anything like it before. They are supposed to have quality controls!"

When Hinay did talk to Kellogg's, they asked him to send it in for testing and analysis, so a similar thing hopefully won't happen in the future. On top of that, they sent Hinay four coupons worth one pound ($1.33) each, with a spokesperson from Kellogg's putting the giant flake as "coating and cereal particles which have collected during processing."

"Although we work hard to prevent this, it sounds like an accumulation passed the screening process and unintentionally entered the package," the spokesperson said, and let's hope the cereal geniuses down at Kellogg's can figure out this extraordinary cereal occurrence.