Dramatic CCTV footage shows brave shopkeeper fighting off an 'armed' robber using a magazine

Dramatic CCTV footage shows brave shopkeeper fighting off an 'armed' robber using a magazine

Footage has been released of the moment a shopkeeper fights off a would-be armed robber holding what appears to be a shotgun while using nothing but a paper magazine.

While it turned out that the shotgun was, in fact, a fake, the man still showed immense bravery in what appeared to be an extremely dangerous situation.

The man with the gun was named in court as Ian Watson, who brought a fake shotgun to the shop in Nottingham, UK, hoping that he could intimidate the shopkeeper into handing over cash.

However, charging down the aisle armed with a paper magazine, the shopkeeper - who hasn't been named - began to strike the would-be-thief.

Watson was taken aback by the attack and hit the shopkeeper with his 'shotgun.' But, while the strikes may have looked painful, it didn't rattle the worker, who continued to back the thief out of the door.

Watson, who failed in his first mission, then went and held up a post office using the same weapon weeks after his failed attempt. This time, however, he managed to intimidate them into handing over £2,000.

In sentencing Watson, Judge Shaun Smith QC said: "That shopkeeper was minding his own business when you burst in dressed in a balaclava and carrying this gun.

"It must have been an incredibly frightening experience for him.

"He fought you off, receiving injuries in the process, but you did not stop there.

"Because around a week later you walked into Borrowash Post Office armed with no doubt the same gun and shoved it under the glass at the counter and pointed it at this worker.

"Such was the fear at what you might do he handed over something in the region of £2,000 to you.

"Thankfully I have been told he is stoic and the effect on him was relatively short-lived."

While charging at someone holding a gun is never a wise idea, you have to admire this man's bravery.