Dramatic CCTV footage shows joyriders crashing a stolen bus

Dramatic CCTV footage shows joyriders crashing a stolen bus

As a teenager, I wasn't the most rebellious type. All my plans to cause disruption or vandalise something while I was at school were all talk, no action. However, even my wildest fantasies didn't include the likes of what these two teens got up to last November.

Two British teenagers not only stole a bus, but they crashed it after their nine-mile joy ride. They were seen boarding the bus in Tetbury, UK, at around 1:15 am on November 18, before driving it to Malmesbury, where they crashed it at 1:52 am. CCTV footage caught Harry Atley, 19, and Thomas Bloomfield, 18, on their joy ride.

"We've just stole a bus, we've f***ing stolen a bus," one shouted as they got on board, while another added, "No-one is on this bus bruv apart from us."

"Just don't crash," one says. Soon enough, they're getting off in a panic, as they've totalled the whole thing. Since the bus was worth £75,000 ($98,000), this was a pretty major issue - especially when the pair got caught.

You can see the teens crash the bus in the footage below:

Atley and Bloomfield both pleaded guilty at Gloucester Crown Court to aggravated vehicle-taking and dangerous driving last Friday, and were served an extensive sentence, according to Gloucestershire Live :

Eight-month detention sentences, a fine of £10,000 ($13,000), 200 hours of unpaid work, a two-year suspension from driving, and they will be on home curfew with electronic tags from 8pm-5am every night for the next six months.

The moral of this story? Don't steal a bus. Sounds pretty obvious, doesn't it?