Here are all the things that Meghan Markle can no longer do now that she is a Royal

Here are all the things that Meghan Markle can no longer do now that she is a Royal

It was the day that Meghan Markle's life will change forever. The former-actress married into the famous family on Earth and became a member of the royal family in the UK. It would be safe to say that since the build-up began, Meghan has divided opinion due to her past, but she has re-invigorated this family, bringing them into the 20th century by becoming the first person of colour in the family as well as going against their traditional and archaic conventions.

While Meghan may be leading the family into the modern age, she will have to conform to certain conventions. There is a list of things that Meghan will not be able to do once she becomes a royal; with some being much more bizarre than others. So, in light of the big day, here's a host of everyday things that Meghan will no longer be able to do.

Take Selfies

While she may have taken selfies with fans during her time in Suits, Meghan will have to refuse now that she is a royal. According to The Mirror, Meghan had told a couple in Nottingham that "we're not allowed to do selfies." It's believed that The Queen isn't a fan of the modern trend, with her labelling them as "disconcerting" and "strange".

Go out alone

Meghan will now constantly be surrounded by heavy security at all times. Being part of the most famous family in the world, she will no longer be able to go out or a jog in the park or a walk alone to clear her head.

Have social media

Meghan's social media presence has pretty much disappeared over the past few months. In the last few years, she had built up a following of over three million followers on Instagram and used to post images of herself regularly. However, since shutting down her website The Tig in April 2017, Meghan hasn't posted on her Instagram.

Like all of the other royals, the public will now be updated on Meghan's activities through the Kensington Palace Instagram account.


While she may be a British citizen, Meghan is not allowed to vote in elections. According to the parliament website: "Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”

Wear dark nail varnish

According to OK! Magazine, coloured nail varnish and fake nails are not part of royal etiquette and are seen as "vulgar." On the rare occasion that they do paint their nails, they have to be a nude shade.

Sign autographs

Members of the royal family are not permitted to sign autographs for people, with Prince Charles once telling a fan: "Sorry, they don't allow me to do that."

However, they are allowed to sign visitor books on official engagements as well as official documents.

Go to bed before The Queen

When sharing a house or castle with Her Majesty, guests don't "feel right" about excusing themselves before The Queen is done for the night. So, if Lizzy is on an absolute mad one till 6am, Meghan is going to have to join in as well.

So, while being a royal may seem like the ideal life, it turns out that you are fairly limited in being able to do regular day-to-day activities. Poor old Meghan, hey?