Here's a heartwarming detail you probably missed in the official royal wedding pictures

Here's a heartwarming detail you probably missed in the official royal wedding pictures

On Saturday, the eyes of the world were on the UK. But, while they had previously been on the country due to its questionable political decisions (*ahem* Brexit *ahem*), this time it was for a more joyous and heartwarming reason.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married at a beautiful ceremony in Windsor Castle, with 16 million people in the UK alone tuning in to watch the proceedings. The ceremony is being heralded as the most "modern" in royal history, with many people proclaiming it to be a seismic and landmark event for a variety of different reasons.

Whether it was Meghan Markle - the first woman of color to enter the Royal Family - walking herself part-way down the aisle, or the fact that the couple had a black pastor and gospel choir in the chapel, there was a lot about this wedding that suggested the Royal Family is about to join us all in the 21st century.

Meghan herself looked beautiful on the day, with the new duchess of Sussex wearing a Givenchy gown that was designed by Clare Waight Keller - the first female director of French fashion house. The two met last year and Meghan chose Ms. Keller due to her "elegant aesthetic" and "relaxed demeanor."

Caroline Arthur, a luxury wedding dress designer, described the dress thus: "The neckline is beautifully cut and then there are two things happening with the seams. At the front, the shaping of the dress begins just at the bust point and continues all the way down into seams on the skirt.

"I'd describe the skirt shape as a tulip, so it's not exactly fitted on the hips, but it's slightly closer on the hips down to midway between your hip and your knee and at that point, it then flares out.

"If you look at the back of the dress the seamlines are absolutely beautiful, you always need darting or a vertical seam at the back of the dress in order to get it to fit really nicely."

As with most weddings, the brides' dress was one of the talking points of the big day and took center stage in the official photos released by the palace after the ceremony.

The newlyweds unveiled three official wedding portraits in which Meghan and her dress was the focal point. However, while the photos were stunning in their own right, there was also a hidden detail within them that was absolutely heartwarming.

The sofa that Harry is sitting on with their page boys and bridesmaids is the same one that was used in the family photos taken after his baptism as a baby, including an adorable image of a young Harry with his mother.

It's not the only bit of symbolism in the wedding that Harry used to honor his mother. The Prince also picked flowers from Diana's garden for Meghan's bouquet, gifted her a ring that his mother used to wear, and sung her favorite hymn during the ceremony.

Not only was Harry and Meghan's wedding important in a variety of different ways, but it's nostalgic manner and references to Diana made it completely stunning.