Here's what's inside the goody bag that every guest at the Royal Wedding was given

Here's what's inside the goody bag that every guest at the Royal Wedding was given

As you probably know by now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot this weekend - and pretty much the whole world turned out to watch it happen. Thousands of Brits stepped out into the sunshine in order to participate in traditional street parties, millions of international fans tuned in via their TV sets, and countless social media users are still fawning over the highlights of the day right now.

All in all, around two billion people are believed to have watched the ceremony in one way or another, making it the fourth-most-watched royal wedding ever.

For a lucky few, however, the spectacle wasn't just something to be seen on a TV screen. Along with the big name celebrities that scored themselves an invitation to the big day, more than 2,500 members of the public were invited to join the celebrations in Windsor - and they all got a goody bag to take home with them.

The bags, which were made of a Hessian style material and embellished with a blue royal monogram, commemorated the date and location of the wedding, and acted as a sweet souvenir for all those who had been lucky enough to score themselves an invitation.

Far from being jam-packed with luxuries, though (as we're accustomed to seeing from other star-studded events such as awards ceremonies and galas), the contents of these cute little totes were actually fairly low-key. According to Business Insider, recipients of the bags were treated to a bottle of water, a fridge magnet, a commemorative shortbread, a chocolate coin embossed with Harry and Meghan's initials, and, as if the event didn't seem commercialized enough, a 20 per cent off voucher for an official gift shop in Windsor.

All in all, it seems like the perfect blend of British and American: practical and charming, but still twee and exciting.

According to some people, bacon butties (or a bacon sandwich, for those who aren't well-versed in British lingo) were also available before the ceremony - presumably for the committed folks who had camped out all night in order to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.

Of course, not everyone was fortunate enough to receive an invite. Indeed, even the 2,640 members of the public who did receive a "Save the Date" for Saturday came from a very select pool of individuals, with 1,200 of them being nominated by nine regional Lord Lieutenant officers; 200 people from charities and organisations; 100 pupils from local schools the Royal School and St George's School; 610 Windsor Castle's community members; 530 members of the Royal Households and Crown Estate.

There were some notable absences from the celebrity realm, too, with neither the Obamas nor the Trumps showing up - and, of course, the much-talked-about paternal side of Meghan's family.

However, the list of famous faces that were on show was quite impressive, with everyone from the Beckhams to Clooneys showing up looking their absolute best for the occasion.

If you weren't lucky enough to get yourself a goody bag on the day (and, let's be real, you wouldn't be reading this if you were), fear not - you'll probably be able to pick one up on eBay in a couple of years or so. Just expect to pay a fair bit of money for it, and don't count on the chocolate still being within its use-by date.