Hilarious selfie shows bride spending her wedding night in hospital

Hilarious selfie shows bride spending her wedding night in hospital

What would be your perfect wedding venue? A traditional, old church? A gorgeous, sun-kissed beach? There are plenty of options out there when you're picking a place to make your special day memorable. But I think that most people would baulk at the idea of spending what is meant to be the happiest day of their lives in the Accident and Emergency ward of the hospital. However, unfortunately, that's what happened to a young Scottish couple, whose hilarious selfie from inside A&E has managed to provoke a lot of laughter on social media.

Everything about Nicola and James Campbell's wedding ceremony had gone smoothly. The couple, who hail from Greenock in Scotland, had exchanged their vows without stammering, managed to not lose the ring, and even the best man's speech had gotten off without a hitch. But then came the wedding reception.

When James was dancing away after a few drinks, he managed to trip up and take a bad fall, landing awkwardly. He was rushed to hospital and spent five hours in the waiting room as disappointed guests filed out of the bar where the reception had been held. That was when Nicola decided to take an impromptu wedding picture, which promptly went viral on social media.

Commenting on the incident, Nicola stated: "He’d had a few. He’s quite reserved, so I knew he was merry to be up and dancing.  When he tripped, I thought it was funny at first. But then I saw he was close to tears and realised he’d actually really hurt himself. He’d landed on his left ankle awkwardly and was limping around, so I knew we had to go to casualty in case it was broken."

She added: "I asked one of the ushers, who doesn’t drink, to drive us and a bridesmaid came, too. We looked such a sight walking in with all our wedding gear on. People were constantly coming up to us – doctors, nurses, other patients. I think we were the night’s entertainment. Poor James blames himself and worried he’d ruined the day – but these things happen. It’s not like he did it on purpose. I actually think it’s really funny. And at least we – and our guests – will never forget the day. But, with our first anniversary coming soon, I am hoping it will be less eventful."

The couple were released from hospital at around 4am the next morning, and managed to limp back to their honeymoon suite. James' leg was so sore that walking was painful for a full week after the accident - but by the time they were ready to jet off on their honeymoon, his sprained ankle had healed enough for him and Nicola to enjoy themselves.

Ah well. People say that your wedding should be unforgettable, and I think that's certainly true in this case - albeit, for all the wrong reasons.