Hotel gives 28 homeless people a free room and Christmas dinner on Christmas day after another hotel cancelled their booking

Hotel gives 28 homeless people a free room and Christmas dinner on Christmas day after another hotel cancelled their booking

A Hilton hotel has swooped into the rescue after another hotel booking for 28 homeless people over Christmas was suddenly cancelled.

The group were planned to stay at the Britannia Royal hotel in the English town of Hull on December 24 and 25, with breakfast and Christmas dinner provided.

However, Britannia Hotels announced on Monday that it had scraped the booking, which cost £1,092, due to reports of bad behaviour.

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Carl Simpson, the founder of the Raise the Roof Hull homeless project which arranged the stay, slammed the establishment on social media soon after, accusing it of "discrimination", claiming he had been open about the purpose of the booking and denying any bad behaviour.

"I asked for a reason and was told there isn't one, I've asked for an email to be sent ASAP giving reason for this action so will update you when it arrives but in my eyes this is nothing more than discrimination especially after we was so open about what it was for," he wrote on Facebook. "Our Xmas hotel campaign is now in serious doubt being so close to Xmas we need a miracle. [sic]."
The founder of the non-profit community organisation added in the comment section: "Another problem we have is we have no idea how long it will take for the money being returned to our bank making it impossible to book anywhere else even if we can find somewhere, and the closer you get to Xmas the more it will cost. [sic]"

Raise The Roof Hull Homeless Project Credit: Raise The Roof Hull Homeless Project/Facebook

However, the "miracle" he needed happened when The DoubleTree Hilton in Hull stepped into host the event, offering to house the 28 homeless people on December 24 and 25 for free, with breakfast and Christmas dinner included.

Simpson later took to the Raise The Roof Hull Homeless Project's Facebook page again to clear things up, alleging that the initial booking was cancelled due to an unidentified woman's phone call.

"We and others have received a email from Britannia hotels informing us that our booking was cancelled because a lady called Sarah contacted them pretending to be our staff and that see attended our event last year," he explained. "Where the hotel got trashed set on fire and staff and guest property stolen. [sic]"

An image of a homeless person living on the streets. Credit: Getty

He continued: "This is all untrue we do not have staff and this vindictive person was definitely not at the event last year. Ibis has confirmed that there were no problems last year. Having said this if the Royal hotel had bothered to ask us or ibis instead of just listening to hearsay this could have easily been resolved, instead they choose to refuse to give a reason until now. They have offered to reinstate our booking with conditions which we will be declining."

"On a much happier note, we can confirm that the Doubletree Hilton has offered to put up 28. People for 2 night's with breakfast and Xmas dinner provided and they are doing this complimentary. Thank you so much we will be accepting this kind offer.

"We have also been offered help by several businesses including Nationwide Building Society who had offered to pay for the rooms, the Village hotel offering Xmas dinner and lots of others thank you all. Who says miracles don't happen. [sic]"