Lidl is now selling a bargain four-person hot tub for the summer

Lidl is now selling a bargain four-person hot tub for the summer

Lidl have unveiled their new four-person inflatable hot tub just in time for a (hopefully) glorious summer.

The bargain hot tub will sell for a reasonable £299 in the "Middle of Lidl" aisle from May 30 until stocks last.

And if you would prefer to reserve the tub for indoor use, you'll be pleased to know that option is available for you.

"Lidl’s hot tub is suitable for indoor and outdoor use so whether you want to make your neighbours jealous or be in close proximity to a cool drink in the fridge, this hot tub is for you," a spokesperson for the budget supermarket chain said.

Measuring 1.8m in diameter, 0.7m in height with a 700L capacity - there is plenty of space for up to four people.

hot tub Credit: Lidl

And, according to the retail giant, the inflatable tub has 118 air jets which "create 360-degree bubbles throughout the tub, allowing users to let off steam with a relaxing massage."

It is also possible to turn the temperature up as high as 42°C, so even if it's not all that hot outside, you'll be all warm and toasty while you're in the tub.

"Often an expensive garden luxury, Lidl’s affordable hot tub has been designed with state-of-the-art features to transform any garden into a tranquil oasis or sea of fun," the spokesperson continues.

Plus, it's incredibly efficient, taking only ten minutes to inflate. After that, once it heats up, it's ready for use.

And there's more - the hot tub comes with a cover and combination lock so you never have to worry about having it stolen from you.

"The tub fits up to four people so your friends and family will be fighting to come over and visit this summer," Lidl adds. "What better way to spend those long summer evenings or scorching hot days than being surrounded by bubbles in the comfort of your own home?"