Married deputy headteacher 'caught having sex on desk by student' with another teacher

Married deputy headteacher 'caught having sex on desk by student' with another teacher

In many a school across the country, there will be rumours and reports of less-than-educational activity going on in the various playgrounds and collected corridors. Whether that's students smoking or taking drugs behind the gym or fights breaking out once the bell rings for the end of the day, there's always something going on.

From time to time, though, it's not the students at the school doing something decidedly detention-worthy, but rather, the teachers themselves. Though it's sometimes hard for kids to believe, but teachers are people too, and when the grasshoppers catch their sensei in a moment of human vulnerability, it has the potential to cause quite the shock.

For more, we should ask a student out in East Lancashire, Haslingden High School, who reportedly walked in on two of his teachers having sex on a desk. Both of these teachers were married. Not to each other. They've been placed on leave until an investigation is complete.

With students on a revision break and the school, it seems like it would have been the perfect time for 42-year-old chemistry teacher Paul Bland and 44-year-old deputy headmistress Judith Ramsdale to carry out a sexual act on a desk. Bland lives in Bury with his wife and three children, while Ramsdale lives in Chorley with her husband, who is an assistant head teacher at another school.

A source told news outlets in a tweet that the student in question, referred to in this time only as "A", was asked by another student to pick up some material from the English department while on this revision break. The source went on to add that this is when they reportedly walked in on Ramsdale and Bland.

"This resulted in A walking into E4 and seeing Mr Bland and Mrs Ramsdale have sex on a desk. To date we know that Mr Bland and Mrs Ramsdale are both currently on suspension with full pay till the accusation has been confirmed. The real kicker in all of this is the fact that Mr Bland & Mrs Ramsdale are still denying the whole situation."

While the teachers have since been suspended, Bland blames the entire debacle on "social media", before declaring he was about to "speak to his union". So far, Ramsdale has declined to make any comment on the incident.

People online are having their say on the alleged dalliance, with poster Katrina Allan asking how the teachers had managed to keep their jobs: “Why have they not been instantly sacked???” She added: “Suspended on full pay, sex in the workplace, a school, absolutely disgusting. That poor lad could be traumatised for life after seeing that.”

In the meantime, headteacher Mark Jackson confirmed that the affair was currently under investigation, saying: “We are aware of an allegation which is currently being investigated.Two members of staff have been suspended pending the outcome of this investigation. We will not be commenting further at this time.”