McDonald's is releasing spicy chicken nuggets in the UK

McDonald's is releasing spicy chicken nuggets in the UK

Spicy chicken nuggets will be added to McDonald's menus all over the UK starting from next week.

The UK's answer to spicy chicken nuggets will be made using a specially developed recipe which comes with a Tabasco dip for customers who fancy a bit of extra spice, The Sun reports.

The nuggets will be available to buy from 10:30 am on 7 August. If you're interested, though, don't waste any time in visiting a branch to get yourself some as they're only around for seven weeks.

Prices will vary based on the branch, but they will cost about £3.19 for 6, £3.49 for 9, £4.99 for 20 - the same as regular nuggets.

For any calorie counters out there: the spicy nuggets will have slightly more calories than the standard nuggets - a box of six of the former has 290 whilst the latter contains 259 calories.

The brand new nuggets made a very welcome appearance at Y Not, a festival in Derbyshire, England, where 1,000 people were given the opportunity to taste them, including YouTuber Mark Ferris.

On a post on Instagram he said: "It may be cold @ynotfestival but @mcdonaldsuk are turning up the ? I’ve been given exclusive access to the new Spicy Nugget van! You will NOT be disappointed?? Launching in the UK soon! Keep your ? peeled".

And Mark certainly wasn't the only attendee who was utterly delighted by the spicy nuggets.

"SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS! WE NEED TO GO AND GET 300 OF THEM," one person wrote on Instagram.

"Wait what!! Spicy nugs, is a thing?!!" added another.

"Sounds lush," a third chimed in.

In Australia, the Spicy McNuggets have already been made a permanent addition to the menu, while the US and Asia have just trialled the item.

Can't we just make them a permanent addition to McDonald's menus worldwide?!