Meghan Markle has worn this one thing to pretty much every event since getting married

Meghan Markle has worn this one thing to pretty much every event since getting married

Since getting together with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has become a complete style icon, who has stepped up to rival the likes of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana. Whether she wears heels, flats, shoes a size too big, copies the queen, dress differently from  the Queen, we're all watching and we all want to know about it.

However, have you noticed that ever since she's gotten married, the former Suits actress has worn one thing in particular rather a lot? In fact, she's worn this one thing to pretty much every event she has been to since she tied the knot on May 19 at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Can you guess what it is based on these pictures?

That's right - it's not just "on Wednesdays, we wear pink" for the new Duchess of Sussex, it seems like it's almost every event that she attends! Whether it's the Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the Trooping of the Colour, or the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday party, Meghan has been showcasing her favourite pale pink colour - rather than the darker shades she favoured before her marriage - all over the place.

So, is there anything behind this? Or is it just coincidence? Or, perhaps the most obvious explanation is that it is simply the 36-year-olds favourite colour? The Mail Online claims to have an explanation for it, getting their explanation from applied colour psychology practitioner Karen Haller.

Speaking to the online newspaper, Haller said: "The number of high profile engagements Meghan has had since officially becoming a member of the royal family would no doubt be quite nerve-wracking. As the softer end of the pink spectrum is physically soothing, it's the perfect antidote to calming those nerves and easing the pulse rate." In addition, she claimed that Meghan might be communicating another message while wearing pink, stating that, with pink being a "romantic" colour, the 36-year-old could be showing that she’s very much in love.

If you're not buying that reasoning the Mail have another for you that might work: that she doesn't want to clash with the queen. "The use of neutral color on Meghan part is also a show of respect to the queen so she never looks like she is trying to outshine her. I would be shocked if Meghan ever opted for a bold color, although it’s interesting to note in her previous life she was a fan of bright hues," Fashion commentator Lucas Armitage claimed. "I think the Queen and Meghan's relationship at this point is one built on respect, and Meghan has shifted her own personal style to adopt a more demure regal look—something I think the queen will be thankful for."

Other theories from experts include that the former actress is trying to not draw more attention than necessary while she's new to the Royal Family, that blush is just "her colour", and that it is literally just her fave.

Chances are we'll never know for sure. And besides, I think we can all agree that we've probably all got more important questions in our lives than why exactly Meghan Markle wears pale pink. And if you haven't, work on getting some.