Mom's shocking rant at comedian who has a rare form of dwarfism caught on camera

Mom's shocking rant at comedian who has a rare form of dwarfism caught on camera

We've all had those times where we've been seated near irritating passengers on a bus or train, with our only outlet a quick text to a friend to moan about the ordeal. Usually, we don't expect that private message to be read, and then to start up an argument with strangers. In the case of Tanyalee Davis, she found this escalated into derogatory comments targeted at her size.

According to Davis, an "unruly teenager" read her message, standing over her as she told her partner "thank f**k this obnoxious family is leaving cuz they left a huge mess". Once she spotted the message, this teen told her brothers and sisters that she'd called them abnormal. As it started to escalate into name-calling, Davis started to film - and then the mother got involved.

Davis, 47, is a Canadian comedian touring the UK, but it was her condition (a form of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia) that became a target during the rant. In the caption to her YouTube post, she wrote:

"She then proceeded to drop trash on the floor at kick it at my scooter. She continued making fun of my hands and legs while her little brothers gave me the finger. Their mother who had been in a different carriage the whole time pounced in calling me a pedophile and started recording me saying she was going to call the police."

"She made rude gestures to me as a family member grabbed her," she added. "The family then stood on the platform making rude gestures".

Davis explained that she contacted the British Transport Police, who are now pulling the CCTV footage. Davis spearheads an anti-bullying campaign called GR8 AS U R, where she works with young school children to help them learn to respect themselves and others.

"Stop bullying b4 it starts," she concluded. "Clearly this comes down to lack of decent parenting".