Nurse who went viral with panic-shopping plea now showing symptoms of COVID-19

Nurse who went viral with panic-shopping plea now showing symptoms of COVID-19

Last week, 51-year-old Dawn Bilbrough - a critical care nurse for the UK's National Health Service (NHS) - went viral with her emotional plea to panic buyers after she was greeted with empty supermarket shelves following a "48-hour shift".

Recording the emotional plea from her car, the healthcare worker's message touched the hearts of thousands, and since sharing the video to the social media platform on March 19, it has received more than 630,000 views and been shared over 28,000 times.

However, earlier this morning the healthcare worker appears on UK magazine show Good Morning Britain, to reveal that she is now self-isolating after displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

In the video below, Dawn discusses her symptoms:

The nurse revealed how she has been "floored" by her sudden illness, telling hosts Ben Shepherd and Kate Garroway: "It began with chest discomfort when I do anything - that's making me kind of breathless right now.

"(I have) ongoing nausea, persistent headaches. I do believe I have COVID-19 but obviously I haven't been tested so it's hard to confirm."

NHS workers have currently struggled to be tested for the novel coronavirus, but, per a report in The Independent this morning, tests will now be given to NHS staff and key workers as a priority, according to the chief medical officer.

During her interview, Dawn also urged GMB viewers to stay at home, saying: "You need to protect the NHS, you need to save lives."

You can check out Dawn's now-viral message to panic buyers below, as she pleaded with shoppers to consider healthcare workers who are working tirelessly during this pandemic.

Dawn shared the heartbreaking video to her Facebook page:

In the video, an emotional Dawn said: "So I’ve just come out the supermarket. There’s no fruit and veg and I had a little cry in there.

"I’m a critical care nurse and I’ve just finished 48 hours of work and I just wanted to get some stuff in for the next 48 hours.

"There’s no fruit, there’s no vegetables and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to stay healthy. Those people who are just stripping the shelves have basic foods you just need to stop it because it’s people like me that are going to be looking after you when you are at your lowest and just stop it, please."

Credit: PA Images

Per the Metro, panic-buyers across the UK have left supermarket shelves empty, with many supermarkets being forced to take extreme measures to combat panic-buyers - such as limiting the number of shoppers per store and restricting how many of each product shoppers can purchase.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the nation to be "reasonable" when it came to shopping, saying during one of his daily coronavirus press conferences: "We’ve got good supply chains, farm to fork, there’s no reason for shops to be empty.

"Of course, everybody understands why people are buying stuff, we’re all being advised to stay at home if we think we have symptoms.

"But please be reasonable. Be reasonable in your shopping, be considerate and thoughtful of others as you do it."

On Monday, Prime Minister Johnson announced strict nationwide lockdown rules for the UK, in which members of the public can only go "shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible".

Let's all be sure to look out for each other in these uncertain times.