People are divided after photos emerge of Prince George playing with a toy gun

People are divided after photos emerge of Prince George playing with a toy gun

When it comes to the Second Amendment, people tend to have pretty strong opinions. In a world where gun violence is rife, the right to keep and bear arms has divided millions, with most people expressing fervent opinions one way or the other - and not one person sitting on the fence.

But what about giving your child a toy gun? While you might think that this issue would prove less divisive, you'd be completely wrong. The controversial debate hit the news when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son Prince George was spotted playing with one at the weekend.

On Sunday, Kate Middleton took two of her children - George and Princess Charlotte - to watch their dad, Prince William, play for the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at the Beaufort Polo Club.

At the match, the future King of the United Kingdom was photographed playing with a toy gun, as well as a toy knife and handcuffs. The images quickly went viral, with many people on the internet outraged at the idea and insisting that giving children toy guns would encourage real-life violence.

Adrina M Prince said: "Sad to see George playing with a gun when the whole country has a gun/knife crime situation. Maybe in training for killing wild life in later years. Thought he was a sensitive child. Better if he was seen playing with a toy car or football. Sadly the royals will never change."

However, the outrage was deemed as "political correctness gone mad" by others, who argued that children had been playing with toy guns for years without any problems in later life.

Twitter user Jeanne Osterhoudt argued: "I guess, gone are the days of little boys playing War, cops & robbers or cowboys and Indians?? Prince George and a friend playing with a toy gun, okay. I'm sure their Mom's, will teach them about gun safety, when they get old enough. Royals are military".

Zlatan Khubaibimović agreed, writing: "Ppl moaning because Prince George had a toy gun  I had a plastic gun when I was little guess what I grew out of it, I didn’t grow up to be a mass shooter or become obsessed with guns. I hate guns now so just leave the boy alone and let him be a child".

In addition, many people pointed out that guns play a large role in British tradition, with them being considered a "sign of respect" at royal events including birthdays. Furthermore, many royals have served in the armed forces or are married to someone who has served.

As a child, Prince Harry was spotted playing with a toy gun, and in 2016 his brother William told ITV News: "There is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is ’round the world. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the arguments for regulated, properly controlled commercial hunting is that the money that goes from shooting a very old infirm animal goes back into the protection of the other species…"

Ultimately, it looks like this is another issue that is never going to be resolved. But at the end of the day, parents must do what they think is right for their child, and if Kate and William believe it's okay to give George a toy gun, then who are we to judge?