Piers Morgan slammed over 'sexist' comments about TV weather reporter live on air

Piers Morgan slammed over 'sexist' comments about TV weather reporter live on air

Piers Morgan has this morning come under fire for a comment he made about a TV weather reporter during Good Morning Britain.

Good Morning Britain is a daily 6AM show broadcast in the United Kingdom, which features Morgan alongside co-host Susannah Reid and guests, as well as delivering news and weather updates.

Now, as well know, Piers Morgan is not exactly shy when it comes to expressing his point of view. Whether it's his often bizarre stance on Meghan Markle, some whimsical ruminating on the latest vegan bake to come out of Greggs, or his never-ending defence of cricketer Kevin Pietersen, Piers appears to thrive on going against the grain.

Watch the moment Piers Morgan makes a 'sexist' comment to weather reporter Laura Tobin:

Yet, this morning, it was comments that the erstwhile host of the CNN show Piers Morgan Live (2011-2014) made about a weather reporter on Good Morning Britain that have ruffled some feathers.

Per the Metro, Morgan said to weather reporter Laura Tobin;

"Can we talk about your hot pants for a moment because you can’t wear something like that and not expect the public…"

He added, "They’re not just a pair of trousers, they’re skin-tight leather hot pants I’ve seen in many a year and you’ve paraded them for your seven day…" before co-host Susannah Reid interrupted him, stating, "She was doing her job as presenting the weather".

Laura Tobin then pointed out to Piers that the trousers were not hot pants, after which he said, "If you wear skin-tight leather trousers, you’re going to get people going, 'wow'".

Watch Piers Morgan retch into a bucket after trying a vegan sausage roll:

Piers then subsequently took to Twitter to respond to a now-deleted tweet regarding the episode, writing, "If you wear tight leather trousers to do the weather, you’re probably hoping people will notice... FYI."

Yet some were clearly unhappy with his comments:

Meanwhile, the meteorologist in question Laura Tobin took to Twitter to give her take on the morning's events. She wrote;

"Lots of reaction to my trousers today

"I'm not humiliated by  @piersmorgan

They're just a pair of trousers! I thought I was being stylish!

#NotLeather #NotAWeatherGirl"

Piers Morgan has spent a lot of time recently criticising Meghan Markle, after news broke of her and Prince Harry's desires to take a step back from certain aspects of royal life.