Rescue dog dies after suffering heart attack from being terrified by fireworks

Rescue dog dies after suffering heart attack from being terrified by fireworks

A rescue dog in England has died from a suspected heart attack after being left terrified by Guy Fawkes Night fireworks.

Moscow watchdog Winston was kept inside until midnight by staff at the Dogs 4 Rescue centre near Barton Moss, Greater Manchester.

When it was thought by staff that all fireworks had stopped, the eight-year-old was let outside to go to the toilet, along with several other dogs.

Winston Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue/Facebook

However, when more fireworks were let off, Winston - who was scared of loud noises as a result of the abuse he had suffered previously - bolted to find shelter, ending up underneath the centre's decking.

Other dogs managed to make it back into the centre; however, Winston was found dead the next morning. He is believed to have passed away from a heart attack.

Winston Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue/Facebook

After being rescued from abusive owners, Winston - who weighed 80 kilos - had been diagnosed with a heart condition and was on medication.

Owner of the centre, Emma Billington, spoke today about the Moscow watchdog's tragic death, stating that he had suffered his entire life "at the hands" of human beings.

Winston Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue/Facebook

"He absolutely hated loud bangs," she said. "We are out in the sticks a little bit. I don't know where these were coming from. They were outside and the bangs started going off, all of the dogs that were scared started running back in. We noticed he was missing. He had a heart attack and fell asleep under the decking."

She continued: "We have to tell people how bad this is for the dogs. There is no need, in this day and age. This has just killed him. All his life, he has suffered at the hands of people. He was the most loyal dog."

Staff at the Manchester Dogs 4 Rescue centre - which is home to 50 dogs rescued from around the world, who live kennel-free - are now calling for people to never set off fireworks near their shelter.

Winston's death follows several other tragedies to take place in England during the Bonfire Night celebrations.

Last year, a horse named Solo passed away after a display took place one week after Guy Fawkes Night.

Winston Credit: Dogs 4 Rescue/Facebook

Devastated owner Fiona Hohmann was called by a concerned neighbor the next morning after the horse was found writhing in agony. She later released distressing photographs of the incident to show the reality of what fireworks can do to animals.

"I had a call from a neighbour and immediately I knew something was wrong so I went straight to the field," she told Wales Online. "I knew Solo was dying. It was heartbreaking to see. I don’t want to spoil people’s fun and on Bonfire night you can prepare for fireworks and just get on with it. A week after bonfire night, fireworks should not be allowed to take place. How was I supposed to know that a display would be going off?"

Hohmann continued: "The vet told me that he twisted his gut in panic from the noise. He was suffering alone for 14 hours. He had galloped round the field so much all the grass was all chewed up. “I feel terrible that he suffered all night alone, there was just nothing that I could do."

Information on how to keep pets safe and happy during fireworks can be found on the RSPCA website.