Six men held over disappearance of Amelia Bambridge in Cambodia

Six men held over disappearance of Amelia Bambridge in Cambodia

Six men have been arrested by police investigating the disappearance of British backpacker, Amelia Bambridge, in Cambodia, according to the Daily Mail.

21-year-old Bambridge, who hails from Sussex, was last seen at around 3am on Thursday at a beach party. Staff at Police Beach, a private venue which hosts regular events, found her purple rucksack containing her wallet, phone and bank cards close to the shore later that day.

Per The Guardian, on Monday, Bambridge's father, Phil, had said that he was losing hope she would be found alive.

200 army, navy and police personnel searched the island on Tuesday, with one police official purportedly saying "We are looking for a body now".

The backpacker's brother, Harry, has previously expressed disappointment at an alleged lack of support from the British government. However, he and his family met with police in the HQ in Sihanoukville this morning, and he took to social media to write "Everyone's [Cambodian officials] said that they’re not going to stop until she’s found, so I feel a little bit more positive."

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The six men who have been detained - some of whom work in local bars - were taken to police headquarters of the coastal province, Sihanoukville, a senior officer told AFP today.

"They are being questioned," provincial deputy police chief, Nop Panha, stated. "We are not drawing any conclusions yet."

Bambridge's family, who have regularly been taking to social media to appeal for information regarding their daughter's whereabouts - are currently in Cambodia, and have been travelling between Sihanoukville and Koh Rong, as the search intensifies.

Speaking to Sky News, her father, Phil, said: "We were getting conflicting times of when she got there. I don't think she's in the sea, I think she's inland somewhere."

"I think someone's taken her. I don't think she's had an accident, if she'd had an accident she would have been found," he continued. "I'm not doing very well. I just hope we can find her, but it seems like it's going to be difficult. I'm not [optimistic], unless a miracle happens. I hope a miracle does happen, but I don't think we'll see her."

"I spoke to her [before the trip] about safety, safety, safety, safety. And she was like, 'Yeah', she knew about all that. She was always reliable, switched on. But I think she still broke her own rules. She had her safety rules, and she let them slip, and she's now paid the ultimate price."