Struggling mom on welfare becomes a millionaire after winning £500k twice in two days

Struggling mom on welfare becomes a millionaire after winning £500k twice in two days

A mother who was struggling to make ends meet on welfare has become a millionaire, after winning more that £500,000 twice in two days.

Mom-of-four Anita Campbell, who hails from County Durham in England, had been on Universal Credit due to personal health concerns and was finding it hard to cope with her overstretched finances.

However, she was a keen player of online bingo games. Eventually, her online gaming managed to pay off when she won big and her life changed forever.

According to a recent report by British tabloid newspaper The Mirror, Anita managed to win £597,000 ($774,891) mere hours after she joined an online bingo game. As if that wasn't impressive enough, two days later her lucky streak held out long enough for her to win herself an additional £522,000 ($677,542).

Now Anita has managed to turn her life around, digging herself out of the hole she'd found herself in by buying her elderly father a new home, moving out of her rented house into a new property, and paying off the debts she incurred as a result of her late mother’s funeral.

Commenting on her newfound wealth in a recent interview, Anita said that the experience feels like a dream, but that she immediately knew the money would mean she would be able to help her four children.

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Anita's health problems have been going on for over a year, causing her to lose weight as a result of not being able to eat properly. This also had a knock-on effect for her diabetes.

However, this hasn't stopped Anita from playing her online bingo games, and she still believes that a hat-trick is just around the corner for her.

After discovering her grandmother was "rich", Anita revealed that her five-year-old grandson asked for some Lego.

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