Teen dressed as Spiderman recreates upside-down kiss in Marvel-lous promprosal

Teen dressed as Spiderman recreates upside-down kiss in Marvel-lous promprosal

Over the years, Spiderman used his powers for good, fighting off villains like the Green Goblin, and saving the people of New York. But one thing we never got to see him use those special Spidey reflexes for? The perfect promposal.

However, there was no need to worry, as 17-year-old Adam Hazelton had it sorted when he descended, upside-down, from a window dressed as the superhero to ask his girlfriend to the big end of year dance last week.

The bizarre scenario began when Jenna was at her boyfriend's house and he left the room. Speaking to INSIDER, she said: "I kind of knew something was happening because he's terrible at keeping secrets. I was in his house talking to his family when he walked out the room for 20 minutes. Then I get a text asking me to come outside."

As she walked outside, she found Adam hanging upside-down and dressed like the comic book hero, with a sign on the garage door that read, "It would be MARVEL-ous to go to prom with you."

"I didn't see the poster at first because I was too worried about him falling and breaking his neck. When I finally noticed it I told him I'd say yes if he got down from the rope," Mcintosh said.

As prom season approached, Jenna had had a feeling that Adam would do something crazy - but wasn't expecting this. When she saw her boyfriend, the teen claims that burst out laughing at how "extra" the whole situation was.

To make things even more amusing, Adam was apparently suspended in midair for about seven minutes while he waited for his prom date to find him. Nonetheless, the 17-year-old was well-trained in the ways of Spiderman moves by then, having trained especially for the occasion.

"I rock climb at a local rock gym and I was just thinking of prom ideas and I was talking to my friend about the upcoming 'Infinity War' movie and inspiration struck," he said. "I began practising hanging upside-down with my climbing gear on. I learned how to be safe by using my gear because I knew my mom wouldn't be too thrilled about me hanging out of a two-story window over concrete."

Of course, people on the internet found the impressive promposal hilarious, with Jenna's tweet going viral, gaining over 33,000 retweets and 133,000 likes. Many compared the adorable moment with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's steamy kiss in the 2002 film, which was simply titled Spider-Man.

"THIS BOY DANGLED HIMSELF FROM A WINDOW FOR YOU KEEP HIM," Twitter user @spiderdadtony wrote. "Don't worry I will hehe," Jenna replied.

Sadly, Adam didn't sport his Spiderman to the prom, but it still looks as if the couple had a pretty Marvel-lous time.