Terrorist is engulfed in flames as he tries to burn down synagogue

Terrorist is engulfed in flames as he tries to burn down synagogue

Footage has emerged of the moment a white supremacist set fire to a synagogue only to bear the brunt of his own arson attempt.

The video shows how Tristan Morgan, 51, began pouring petrol through a window into the religious building in Exeter, England and managed to set it alight.

Unfortunately for him, though, it literally backfired as the far-right extremist became engulfed in the flames that he had created.

Check out the exact moment the terrorist is in engulfed in flames following the arson attempt:

Despite the excruciating pain we can only assume Morgan must have felt as a result of the 'accident', he then casually walks away from the scene before driving off in a Mercedes Vito van.

The arsonist was subsequently given an indefinite hospital order at the Old Bailey in London.

arsonist Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

He has now pleaded guilty to arson and two charges under the Terrorism Act, Plymouth Live says.

The attack was carried out on July 21, 2018, a day to commemorate victims of the Holocaust.

The judge was told that Morgan, who has "deep-rooted anti-Semitic beliefs" laughed after setting fire to the synagogue, the Mirror Online reports.

And according to  Superintendent Matt Lawler, the Local Policing Commander for Exeter, East & Mid Devon, it was "sheer chance" that nobody was worshipping in the building at that the time of the attack.

arson attack Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

"Morgan is clearly very unwell and following multiple detailed medical assessments, it is clear that a hospital order is appropriate. He will be subject of further assessments and close monitoring for many years to come," he said.

"The footage, which was played in open court, shows the level of planning, determination and intent by Morgan, whom the wider evidence clearly showed held abhorrent extreme right-wing, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist views. It is only by sheer chance that the synagogue was empty and indeed that Morgan himself sustained only minor burns."

After a joint investigation by local officers and Counter-Terrorism Policing South West working with the special cases unit of the Crime Prosecution Service (CPS), Morgan was charged with collecting information and encouraging terrorism.

The 51-year-old will be monitored by the police for an indefinite period upon release.