The Queen has banned one of Meghan Markle's 'filthy, sexy' foods from Buckingham Palace

The Queen has banned one of Meghan Markle's 'filthy, sexy' foods from Buckingham Palace

At some point in the past couple of months, Meghan Markle must have sat down on her Royal Chair (I'm assuming this is a thing) and thought to herself: "hey, I'm a royal now." Mere months ago, she was sitting alongside Patrick Adams and Gabriel Macht in the USA drama Suits, wondering how long things would last with her dreamy prince boyfriend.

Now, she's married to the guy; hanging out with Kate Middleton, taking crash courses in the correct methods of sitting, and generally having a bit of a ball. But to paraphrase everyone's favourite fictional dead uncle; with great royal power comes great royal responsibility, and Markle's had to sacrifice quite a bit to get to where she is today.

She had to give up the acting gig where she made her name; the blog she started (known as the Tig) had to go to. But as a self-proclaimed foodie, some of the biggest sacrifices relate to what she's allowed to put on her plate. As a 'part-time vegan', it's not always a problem, but when Meghan wants to treat herself after a long day of royal-ing, it's a different story.

First, they came for her garlic; as many, many royals have confirmed, since you're going to be talking to people quite a lot on your royal duties, it's probably a good idea to skip the garlic bread, lest they start referring to you as the "royal with the stank breath". Meghan took that rule on the chin, but now, it appears that another of her favourites is off the menu too.

Dig deep into the archives for any food-related Meghan Markle interview, and you'll find her waxing lyrical at one point or another about pasta. In an interview back in 2013, Markle referred to a "leisurely dinner of seafood and pasta" as one of her top meal options. Then, talking about her favourite meal, a pasta with slow-cooked courgette, she referred to it as a "filthy, sexy mush".

Sorry, Meghan: this is one filthy, sexy mush you won't be allowed to participate in, now that you're a part of the Royal Family. Former royal chef Darren McGrady is the man we go to whenever we need a foodie scoop on the royals, and today is no different. He reveals that our Queen manages to stay in shape (hey - I hope I look that good when I'm 92) by staying well away from pasta, potatoes and rice.

In fact, all carbs are off the menu - she prefers to lean on that lean protein; going for grilled chicken or fish, with some vegetables or fruit to finish off the meal. Now, with the Queen being the Queen, I'm sure Meghan is okay to cut her some slack in the carb department whenever she heads over for dinner, and it's not like she can't have pasta in the comfort of her own home. Still, it's another weird look into what it's like to sit with the Royals at dinner, isn't it?