The Queen inadvertently shares unseen picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Buckingham Palace

The Queen inadvertently shares unseen picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Buckingham Palace

Honestly, is there a more likeable and photogenic couple than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Literally, in every photo taken of them - even by the paps - they look completely natural and comfortable with one another. While the Royals can sometimes seem like a stiff, straight-faced and hardened family, Harry and Meghan seem approachable and deeply in love.

While Meghan Markle has divided the opinion of some royal family fans, it would be safe to say that the new Duchess of Sussex is changing the family for the better. Whether it's the fact that she's a woman of colour entering the family for the first time, that she's an outspoken feminist, or that she is more than content to break several royal conventions; Meghan has been a breath of fresh air and has made the family a more relatable, 21st century institution.

Even the couple's wedding - which took place two weeks ago - was a revolutionary affair. Attended by some of the most famous people on the planet, the wedding featured a black gospel choir and a black American pastor. Not only this, but Meghan part-walked herself down to aisle due to her father being absent through illness. The couple were photographed in the minutes after the ceremony by Alexi Lumbomirski who spoke about their natural and relaxed demeanour.

Mr Lumbomirski was the man behind the stunning official portraits that were released by the Palace and said that capturing Harry and Meghan required no work at all.

"It was just one of those magical moments when you're a photographer and everything falls into place," Mr Lubomirski said.

"The sun is setting right just over the top of Windsor Castle just behind them, it was just the most serene, beautiful light, they're in love, walking around this beautiful garden.

"I said just before you go in, let's sit down on these stairs, and she just slumped in between his legs.

"They were just laughing because they were joking about how they were exhausted and finally it was over.

"They just looked at each other and they were just laughing, and it was just this beautiful moment."

However, if those photos weren't enough for you, the Queen has inadvertently revealed a never-before-seen photo of Harry and Meghan that was placed on a coffee table in Buckingham Palace.

The framed photo is visible in a still which shows the Honorable George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, meeting the Queen during a private audience on Wednesday morning.

It's not clear when the image was taken, but it's believed that it may have been after the couple released that photos from their engagement shoot last December. In the Queen's picture, Harry can be seen wearing a similar blue suit and Meghan is posing alongside him in a pale blue dress. It also looks like the photo was taken inside of the palace, while the official ones were taken outside.

So, there's another photo to whet our appetite. But it's not enough, is it? We want another ceremony. We want another ceremony with even more amazing things and lavish dresses. This photo, I'm afraid, is not acceptable.