The 'Trump baby' blimp is back and flying over Westminster today

The 'Trump baby' blimp is back and flying over Westminster today

The famous 'Trump baby' blimp is flying over Westminster and Whitehall in London again today, to protest the American President's state visit to the United Kingdom.

The 20ft orange balloon, which depicts Donald Trump as a grotesque babyish figure, first made headlines in July 2018, during Trump’s last visit to Great Britain. After being inflated by a team of demonstrators garbed in red jumpsuits and hats marked 'Trump babysitters', the gigantic balloon was sent into the air above Parliament Square to raucous cheers.

Check out this video of the Trump Baby Blimp being inflated by demonstrators: 

The blimp was created by 36-year-old Londoner, Matt Bonner, and cost approximately £5,000 ($6,336) to fashion. The blimp travelled all the way to the G20 summit in Argentina last November and has been so popular that London mayor, Sadiq Khan, (himself no fan of Trump) requested that it be displayed in the Museum of London, after granting Bonner permission to fly it in the first place.

Protestor Sonny Kim, (a New Yorker who moved to the UK) witnessed the blimp's takeoff and told the Huffington Post UK: "The election happened and I just didn’t feel comfortable living in my own country anymore. My parents are both immigrants as well, and [Trump] challenges everything that I am - being a woman, a woman of colour, being someone who came to the country for the very reasons out constitution stands for."

However, this 'Trump baby' blimp has actually been quite tame compared to what other protestors have come up with. Indeed, one teen has provoked controversy by mowing the lawn outside Stansted airport to resemble the shape of a penis in anticipation of Trump's touchdown on the runway.