This video shows a YouTuber discovering a ‘hidden underground city’

This video shows a YouTuber discovering a ‘hidden underground city’

We never really think about the world under our feet. For city-dwellers, we tend to think only of the world outside, the cobbled streets or pavements of the topside world, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with it. But what we forget is that there's a whole other sprawling city underneath us - at least, there is if your city is particularly old. If you go somewhere that's been inhabited for a long time, like London for example, and you start digging, you'll find that most of the city is simply built on more London. It's like there's a fossilised city lurking below, just waiting for some brave archaeologist to go digging.

If you want an example of this phenomenon, then look no further than the YouTuber Nightscape. For years, this guy and his gang of urban explorers have been travelling in search of eerie and deserted places, which look ten times creepier than your average horror movie set, and he's already ticked off an abandoned nuclear power station, climbed a skyscraper, and infiltrated a stadium. But this latest stunt might be his most audacious yet.

This time the group decided to venture into the underground tunnels below the city of Manchester, England. As you can see from the footage above, their excursion didn't disappoint. The brave lads climbed down a manhole cover near Victoria Archers, and discovered what seemed to be an underground shelter, complete with a sprawling bathroom with tons of urinals and toilets. However, what made the video even more bone-chilling were the spooky noises that the group could hear. Were the mysterious tunnels haunted? Who knows?

Comments from the video ranged from enthused, disturbed, to outright horrified. One commenter wrote: "As a Mancunian... thanks for this! I want to do this myself but this is too scary for me haha! I know exactly where this is too ... so going to think about this video every time I go past it [sic]," while another person added: "I've done a lot of draining and the banging could very well be cars driving over manholes and the sound reverberating through the tunnels. The wind also sometimes whistles through manholes or exists and creates an incredibly eerie sound."

The tunnels were actually used as air raid shelters for 1,619 occupants of Victoria Arches during the Manchester Blitz, in which German bombers attack munitions factories in industrial centres during WWII. However, after the war ended, the shelter closed access to the public toilets, by obviously Nightscape can afford the privilege of getting down there. Other entrances include a set of wooden steps from Victoria Bridge and Cathedral Approach, so maybe we'll see other people going down there in the near future.

It's so cool that we get to see this fascinating video showcasing the city's history. But even so, there's no way I'd be brave enough to go down there in person.