UK company switches to a four-day week and gives staff a pay rise

UK company switches to a four-day week and gives staff a pay rise

It is something I'm sure all working people have dreamt about; working less and having more money. It would be great to have the standard five-day working week reduced down to four - however, I'm sure most of us in the UK have just resigned ourselves to the fact that it is never going to happen.

Well, maybe I have spoken too soon, as a UK company has become the first business in the country to switch its entire workforce to a four-day week, all so they are less stressed and, in turn, more productive.

Yes, have your CVs are the ready, because Plymouth-based law firm Portcullis Legals have stuck by their change, confirming that staff - and therefore, their customers - are happier. The office has also managed to stay open later into the evenings and still operate five days a week.

And just when the entire Portcullis Legals team couldn't think their working lives could get any better, they have also all been given a pay rise - cementing the fact that this is not just a cost-cutting exercise.

Managing director Trevor Worth told Plymouth Live:

"The initial results have been heartening - our team is happier and our customers are receiving a better service.

"I’ve contacted businesses far and wide to find out the benefits and pitfalls of the four-day week, working with academics and industry leaders to find out the best way to apply the four-day week to Portcullis.

"The response has been extraordinary and there’s a real passion to help other firms achieve a happier working week for their staff."

The company is believed to be the first in the South West of England to convert to a four-day working week.

Of course, Portcullis Legals are not the first company in the world to roll out the lucrative scheme - with small, medium, and even multi-national firms around the world offering their staff a four-day working week.

Because when people are stressed and overworked, things like this can happen

Four-day weeks are often introduced to improve the overall morale and happiness of the staff, which sees productivity increase as a result.

One New Zealand financial firm found that their workers were 20% more productive, as reported in The Guardian earlier this year.

Mr Worth started the business when he was 23-year-old, and they have been helping people across Devon and Cornwall with wills, trusts, probate and powers of attorney for more than 30 years. Speaking about the change, he added:

"This means our valued clients can contact us later in the evening, which is often more convenient.

"Our staff have been more motivated and productive - I’m delighted we’ve been able to make it work and provide an even better service for customers, and a great working environment t for our team. Values and purpose are very important to us, as is the well-being of every team member."

Employee Yasmin Serter, of the firm’s client services team, said:

"The bedding-in period and new working patterns has taken a while to get used to but as a team we are definitely better rested and more motivated.

"That means we really look forward to coming to work and meeting the people we’re trying to help, which can only be a good thing for the service we provide."

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