Video shows Donald Trump 'falling asleep' during Queen's speech at Palace banquet

Video shows Donald Trump 'falling asleep' during Queen's speech at Palace banquet

Was the Queen boring Donald Trump on Monday night? It's no surprise people on social media are pondering this question, given the fact the US president appeared to fall asleep during Her Majesty's speech at the state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

A video of Elizabeth II addressing her guests spurred outrage and mockery after Trump was seen seemingly struggling to keep his eyes open and, at one point, shutting them completely.

The billionaire can be spotted in the clip, which is circulating on social media, seated between the Queen and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The moment Trump "fell asleep":

At the point in which the Queen spoke of the close relationship between the UK and America, Trump was caught repeatedly closing his eyes for a brief time and at one point jolted up.

The moment was heavily criticised by people online, one of whom named the 72-year-old a "total embarrassment to our country and the world".

"You fell asleep during THE QUEEN'S speech!" wrote @Locket59333120. "You are a total embarrassment to our country and the world!"

Watch the moment Donald Trump arrived in the UK:

Another Twitter user named @blue_sergeant reminded the world of how often Trump has named others "low energy," this including Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.

"#Trump - who said 11 days ago that he's "incredibly young and vibrant young man" - falls asleep repeatedly during #QueenElizabethII"s State banquet speech... #LowEnergyTrump," he said.

Twitter user @cjazzo21 added: "A good news, bad news. Bad news, He embarrasses us by sleeping. Good news, at least he’s not talking."

Royal family and Trump couple Credit: Getty

Nonetheless, others online argued the former reality TV star could have been simply looking down, closing his eyes to reflect on the Queen's words, or suffering from a case of jet lag.

The "falling asleep" incident wasn't the only embarrassing moment for Trump on his visit to the UK.

Many British people made it their mission to troll the US president, with giant ‘USS John McCain’ and Obama approval ratings projected onto London landmarks, a huge model of Trump tweeting on a golden toilet in Trafalgar Square and thousands of protestors taking to the streets.