Warwick University suspends 11 students over rape jokes sent on Facebook chat

Warwick University suspends 11 students over rape jokes sent on Facebook chat

A group of students at Warwick University have been suspended after sending a number of disturbing messages that used racial slurs and made jokes about rape.

Eleven male students were reportedly given precautionary suspensions after an anonymous party issued an official complaint to the English University, submitting 98 screenshots from the chat as evidence.

The conversations in question contained messages where the participants spoke of sexually assaulting other students and used racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and ableist language, as well as claims of paedophilic activity.

Some of the shocking remarks included phrases such as "sometimes it’s fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls" and "rape the whole flat to teach them all [a] lesson."

In addition, one member of the group replied to a message using the term "p**i", while another talked about loving Hitler and hating "n****s and jews and Corbyn".

Furthermore, one user allegedly posted on the Facebook message group saying: “Yeah racism is frowned upon at Warwick? F****** bull.” Others replied "EDL!" and "racism is class".

Student newspaper The Boar reported that in the three formal complaints made to the university, it was mentioned that the Facebook chat had been called "F*** women, Disrespect them all" and had screen names such as  "Grenfell" and "Taxi Jew".

A University of Warwick Student's Union spokesperson commented on the situation, outlining the SU's position on the appalling messages.

She stated: "Warwick SU is aware of the ongoing university investigation into a group Facebook chat involving a number of Warwick students.

"The SU condemns the content of these messages – together with all forms of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, ableism, and threats of violence – in the strongest possible terms.

"The SU has been supporting the victims and will continue to do so. We are also proactively cooperating with the university’s ongoing investigation, and hope to see a conclusion as swiftly as possible."

In addition, a spokesperson claimed that it was "a student disciplinary matter that is currently being actively investigated. We obviously cannot comment further on that matter until those investigations, and any subsequent disciplinary processes, are concluded."