We asked Brits if they cared about the royal wedding and got some hilarious responses

We asked Brits if they cared about the royal wedding and got some hilarious responses

Have you heard about the royal wedding? Of course you have. Since the day that British royal Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle were first spotted together, the British media, along with hundreds of news outlets across the world, have been going wild for the pair - and this overt enthusiasm was kicked into overdrive when it was announced on November 27, 2018, that the two were engaged.

So, we know for certain that the media care. That's a given. But the question is, are the Brits actually bothered about the nuptials? It may initially sound like a stupid question, but you'd be surprised. Although a typical perception of the sovereign state tells us that the people living in the UK adore Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the brood, the tides appear to be gradually turning, with more people than ever either completely indifferent to the royals, or believing that the monarchy should be abolished altogether. With this in mind, VT took to the streets of London to find out if any of the Brits actually cared about Harry and Meghan's union - and, in true UK style, they came back with some amusing answers.

"I'll be watching, I'm a fan of the royals. I think Harry's lovely. I'm not keen on her, I don't think she is right for him. That's my opinion though, I'm not marrying her. I know he thinks she is. I'll watch it though, just to be nosy. Just to see what her dress is like."

Pamela, 64

"I just don't know why people are excited about a party that they're not invited to. I don't get excited about any other event I'm not invited to, why should I be excited about this? I'm not gonna watch two strangers getting married. I don't know anything about them - why would I give a f*** about them getting married? If it was Prince Charles' coronation, I'd watch because that's a historic event. The wedding is quite exhibitionist, you'd think a wedding would be private."

Alan, 26

"I couldn't care less. When I was in America, everyone was asking whether I was excited for it and I was like, 'honesty?' I don't even know when it is."

Anna, 22

"It literally couldn't affect my life any less."

Rob, 32


"Don't care. Why would I want to see the dress? I've watched episodes of Say Yes To The Dress, They're all the same. The same, the same, the same.  I find it baffling that people care.  Where do they find that f*** within themselves to give?"

Callum, 26

"I think it will be nice. I think it will make everyone quite happy. Harry's lovely. I don't know about Meghan. She seems all over him. He's madly in love with her, that's obvious, isn't it? She's very beautiful, so I think they'll be alright, hopefully. I think they'll have children and I think it will last. She's very ambitious."

Liz, 70

"I love Meghan Markle, she's one of my favourite human beings. But, to be honest, I don't really care about the royal wedding, because it's just Harry. He's never going to be King, so yeah he's royal, but it's not a big deal to me. When William got married, I cared. I watched it with my family. I just like the fact that Harry is marrying Meghan, she's really different and she'll be part of the royal family and be a British citizen. And I wonder, what if their kid wants to run for president? They'll be in line for the succession, but they'll also be American. What if they could POTUS and Queen?"

Lindsay, 22

"They're a load of c***s. I think that in this uncertain time that we're living in - post-Brexit, all of that stuff - public revenue should be put towards better things than the royal wedding. They have enough money, they can fund it themselves. F***ing hate the monarchy. I couldn't care less, really don't like them."

Margaux, 22

"I care, I'll be watching. She wants to be a princess. She's got plenty of money in her own right, but she needs the title. You never know, I think she'll surprise you. She could be very in love with him too."

Sharon, 63

"I don't really care, but I'll probably watch it with my mum because she's interested, but myself? No. I think they probably make a good couple. I sometimes get interested in the monarchy, sometimes there's too much about them out there. I think they're still relevant though."

Marc, 18

"Really don't care. In my opinion, they're just people and it's nice that they're getting married but it's not going to impact my life at all, so I'm not really interested. Unless we get a day off work, I don't care. Priorities."

Sophie, 21

"We care. They're around aren't they? Well, he is. It's nice to keep interest in the monarchy going. It's lovely for everyone. A happy day hopefully. I'll definitely be watching."

Sue, 62

"Myself, not particularly. My mum cares. I'm not going to be there, not going to watch it. If I see anything about them, it's scrolling on Facebook. I don't actively look for news about the royal couple."

Sanne, 28

All in all, it appears the British as a whole are very conflicted about the whole thing. From frenzied excitement, to utter indifference, to fervent disdain, there was no unified opinion on the nuptials. The one thing we can count on though? They were all willing to hit up the street parties, beer in hand, on May 19.


Featured illustration by Egarcigu