Woman discovers python that slithered into her shoe on 9,000 mile flight

Woman discovers python that slithered into her shoe on 9,000 mile flight

One Scottish woman went through a nightmare scenario while travelling this week after discovering that a python had made its home in her shoe.

Following the 9,000 mile flight from Australia (of course), Moira Boxall found a live spotted python in her suitcase, after she'd travelled from Queensland to Glasgow on Thursday. The snake was inside one of her shoes in her luggage, and had reportedly even shed its skin during her long journey home.

As soon as she had a chance, she got in touch with the Scottish animal protection organisation the SPCA, which quickly responded and took the snake into quarantine, fortunately enough. In a statement sent to CNN, animal rescue officer Taylor Johnson explained what happened.

snake in shoe flight Credit: Scottish SPCA

"I responded to a call from a woman who had just returned from a holiday in Australia who had found a small snake inside her shoe in her suitcase," he said. The officer's statement continued:

"When I arrived, the snake had been contained by the caller, so I safely removed the snake from the property. Upon examination, the snake was found to be a spotted python which is not venomous,

"The snake is now in quarantine at our animal rescue and re-homing centre in Edinburgh."

This isn't the first time such an incident has taken place. In 2016, one passenger filmed the moment that a live snake hung from the overhead storage in the cabin during his flight. The video, which was recorded during an Aeromexico flight from Torreon to Mexico City, is definitely unnerving:

The airline later stated that the flight made a swift landing, and animal control took away the reptile.