13-year-old boy dies nine days after sucker punch was captured on video

13-year-old boy dies nine days after sucker punch was captured on video

A 13-year-old boy has died just over a week after being sucker-punched at school in an attack that was captured on camera, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department announced yesterday, according to NBC Palm Springs reports.

The video was posted to social media last week and showed the California middle school student, named Diego, appearing to be struck by a student and stumbling back as a result before appearing to be blindsided by another student who hits him from behind.

This force of the second punch leads Diego to collapse on the ground, smashing his head on a concrete pillar.

For nine days following the attack, which occurred at Landmark Middle School in Moreno Valley on September 16, the boy was in a critical condition in hospital.

"Rigorous medical intervention and treatment efforts at an area hospital were unsuccessful," police said. "Preparations by Diego's family are underway for organ donation to transform this tragedy into the gift of life for other children."

Credit: Pexels

The two suspects were arrested following the fatal stunt and remain in custody. Due to their age, their identities have been kept under wraps.

According to witness accounts, as reported by CBS Los Angeles, Diego was left foaming at the mouth and was believed to have a seizure. He was administered CPR and taken to hospital but was tragically pronounced brain dead on Tuesday night.

It is not yet known what motivated the deadly altercation.

In March, an incident culminated in 19 students being treated for exposure to pepper-spray, after security guards were called in to attempt to break up a brawl.

Our thoughts go out to Diego's family and loved ones during this difficult time.