27-Year-old man reportedly killed his parents and their housekeeper in California

27-Year-old man reportedly killed his parents and their housekeeper in California

A southern Californian man has been arrested on relation to the murder of his parents and housekeeper in a gated community in Newport Beach.

27-Year-old Camden Nicholson was confirmed to be in the custody of Newport Beach police, after the bodies Richard Nicholson and Kim Nicholson (who were 64 and 61 years old respectively) as well as 57-year-old housekeeper Maria Morse were found in their home.

On Wednesday evening, police officers received a call for a welfare check from the Newport Beach residence, but by the time they arrived there at around 9pm local time, all three people inside the house were dead. Authorities have declined to disclose the cause of death, nor the motive, but have confirmed that Nicholson had been brought in for questioning.

Camden Nicholson Credit: Facebook

Heather Rangel, a spokeswoman for the Newport Beach Police Department, confirmed in a statement that Camden Nicholson had been arrested on Wednesday. Meanwhile, online records show that Camden is being held without bail at the Orange County jail.

"On February 13th, 2019, the Newport Beach Police Department arrested Camden Burton Nicholson, 27 year old resident of Newport Beach, for the murder of three people at 36 Palazzo. Nicholson had been previously identified as the adult male detained for investigation at the Irvine Medical Center last night.

Nicholson was subsequently booked directly at the Orange County Jail on the charge of 187(A) PC – Homicide. At this time, the Orange County Coroner’s Office is identifying the victims and notifying the next of kin before they release their identities."

"It appears that all the involved parties were known to each other and there is no ongoing threat to the area," added a statement from the police department, while the tributes from friends and neighbours of the Nicholsons have expressed their shock.

"I can't imagine taking my walks and, you know, not stopping and talking to them. It's too surreal right now," said Leslie Seigel, who lives in the gated community where the Nicholsons lived. "It makes you want to squeeze your kids a little bit harder," added fellow resident Tien Lemay, who admitted she did not know the victim.

Meanwhile, a friend of Richard Nicholson said that he was due at a board of directors meeting for the Orange County Coastkeeper, a non-profit clean water organization, but Garry Brown said that Nicholson never arrived.

"We had a meeting yesterday (Wed) from 10.30 to 2 where Rick had confirmed he would show up and he didn't and we didn't hear from him... Rick has been on our board of directors for a number of years. He's a very community orientated, successful businessman, very personable, athletic and a family man."

Richard's wife and Camden's mother, Kim, appears to have run a clothing company called Panache by Kim Nicholson, while he also had an older brother in 33-year-old Cavin. Cavin is CEO of lifestyle gear and apparel company Boundary, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Camden Nicholson will appear in court for a triple homicide on March 8. If convicted, he could spend life in prison.