30-year-old man who was evicted from his parents' house calls police over some Lego

30-year-old man who was evicted from his parents' house calls police over some Lego

About two weeks ago, the world learned of Michael Rotondo: the 30-year-old man who took his parents to court (and lost) after refusing to move out of their house. The unemployed father-of-one had lived with his folks rent-free for eight years before finally being kicked out - but he didn't want to go without kicking up a fuss first.

In an awkward interview with reporters outside the courthouse, Rotondo stated: "I just wanted a reasonable amount of time to vacate, with consideration to the fact that I was not really prepared to support myself at the time of the notices." He's since gone on to give several more cringeworthy interviews - but somehow they still weren't the most embarrassing thing he's done so far.

Yes, it seems that every time we think that Michael "not-a-millennial" Rotondo has reached his lowest, he goes ahead and proves us wrong - this time by calling the cops over some Lego.

The incident occurred on Friday last week, when Rotondo finally got around to moving out of his parents' place. He had spent the morning packing up boxes and loading them onto a truck, but ran into a problem when he went to retrieve his son's Lego bricks from his family's basement.

Rather than let Rotondo fetch the building blocks, the man's father - Mark Rotondo - said that he would look for the toys himself, as he didn't want the 30-year-old going back into the house. Michael took great offence to this, however, and decided that the only reasonable course of action to take was to call the police.

"This isn't a game show," Rotondo said, explaining why he called law enforcement. "I don't have to guess what's behind Door No. 1."

Surprisingly, the cops actually showed up - at which point the Legos were found and, according to the Post-Standard of Syracuse, "there was no further incident".

Originally, Rotondo had wanted an extra six months of free accommodation in order to give him the time to arrange plans and move out, but the judge shot him down, describing his request as "outrageous". Since then, the recent evictee has claimed that he is happy to be out of his parents' house, and has stated - rather petulantly - that "it's great not to be here anymore".

He was able to afford the move after Alex Jones, the controversial host of InfoWars, gifted him $3,000.

However, he won't be finding his own place straight away. First, Rotondo is going to be spending a brief period at an Airbnb, and then he'll be moving in with a distant cousin.

Speaking of the monetary gift from Jones, he told the host: "It will allow me to continue to pursue the things I need to pursue." It is unclear exactly what Rotondo was referring to here, but it is likely that he was talking about regaining custody of his eight-year-old son.

The 30-year-old lost custody and unsupervised visitation rights back in 2017, but has recently expressed a desire to see the child again. Any plans he may or may not have for finding a job, however, remain undiscussed.

So, if you see this guy popping up in the news again in a year or so, it might just transpire that his distant cousin is just as intolerant as his parents. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.