350lb mobster plotted crash diet to escape from prison window

350lb mobster plotted crash diet to escape from prison window

Unsealed documents released by the FBI have revealed that notorious mobster Christopher Londonio attempted to escape the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn in 2017 with a crash diet to help escape.

The inmate, who weighed 350lbs at the time of his plot, also employed his mother, father, estranged wife, a bookie from the Bronx, and a priest in his foiled escape plot.

He managed to gather spare bedsheets, braided dental floss and a hacksaw blade to aid his flight from incarceration before his scheme was discovered by the authorities.

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According to the report, the mobster attempted the desperate bid for freedom after facing the death penalty for the 2013 murder of Michael Meldish. Londonio confided in bank robber David Evangelista, that he'd used a razor to "cut the caulking around" an MDC window and had used “braided dental floss” to begin to perforate the glass.

He planned to use the extra bed sheets he'd been storing under his bed to lower himself down to the street from his eighth-floor cell and wanted to diet to lose a drastic amount of weight in order to squeeze through the tiny aperture.

Per the New York Post, FBI agents Theodore Otto and Christopher Munger wrote in their report: "A central element of Londonio’s plan involved losing enough weight to ensure he fit through the opened window, Toward that end, Londonio began eating lots of bran, and had been exercising feverishly - running up and down the stairs separating the tiers in his unit and doing chin-ups - as of the last time Evangelista saw him."

After escaping from the detention centre, Londonio planned to meet with his father, who would furnish him with weapons, before he dyed his shirt blue with Kool-Aid to avoid detection. He would then remain in his safe house for a year while his father obtained false documentation for him, and planned to change his appearance through cosmetic surgery.

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Unfortunately for Londonio, his plan was foiled when Evangelista feared that he would be implicated in the jailbreak as a co-conspirator. He confessed everything to the prison’s Psychological Service Unit, and prison authorities swiftly intervened.