9-year-old girl builds birthday boxes for classmates who can’t afford parties

9-year-old girl builds birthday boxes for classmates who can’t afford parties

A 9-year-old schoolgirl has been commended for her heartwarming display of kindness after making birthday boxes for classmates who couldn't afford parties.

Back in 2017, a classmate told a third-grader Bella Smith, who attends Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School in Kentucky, that his family couldn’t afford to throw a birthday party for him that year.

Upset that her friend would be unable to celebrate his birthday, Bella resolved to take matters into her own hands. To that end, she launched a personal initiative called "Bella's Boxes," and in turn inspired kids and adults alike with her selfless altruism.

Check out this heartwarming footage of Bella building her boxes:

Bella fills her birthday presents with an amazing amount of goodies, including balloons, cake mix, icing and sprinkles. She receives these items through donations from local community members sent to her PO box. After the birthday boxes are all packed up, Bella trots off to hand them out to families living under the income threshold, via her school’s Family Resource Center. This year alone, she managed to pack an incredible total of 65 boxes!

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Bella's mom Marlana Evans (who also teaches at Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary as well) stated: "The school she attends is a Title One school, which means 80 per cent of the population here is impoverished. So we have students that struggle with a lot of things ... I’m extremely proud of [Bella]. She’s a very good girl with a big heart."

Bella is so passionate about her project, that she actually asked for donations for her own birthday last month, instead of presents! Wow: I don't know many adults who are that giving; do you?