A spiritual healer who quit her job to live off grid loses everything to Californian wildfires

A spiritual healer who quit her job to live off grid loses everything to Californian wildfires

The disastrous wildfires which have hit California have caused shocking damage, destroyed lives, and wrecked livelihoods. The 2018 season is now the most destructive ever recorded, with 7,000 fires over an area of approximately 1,667,855 acres causing a total of 2.9 billion in damages. according to figures provided by the  California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Not only this, but so far 88 civilians and six firefighters are believed to have died as a result of the fires, while a further 44 people have been seriously injured.

One person who knows all too well just how terrible an impact the fires have had is 50-year-old spiritual healer Pamela Robins. Pamela quit her job running a hospitality business to live in a wigwam and get closer to nature, after being diagnosed with cancer just hours after her mother died of it. Pamela moved to Agouara Hills, along the coast from Paradise, and settled in with her horse and two cats, and founded a successful healing centre. However, when the wildfires swept through the region earlier this month, Pamela's home and all her possessions were destroyed by the blaze, leaving her homeless and destitute.

Pamela Robins' wig-wam. Credit: Press Association.

Commenting on the tragedy in a recent interview, Pamela stated: "Seeing it had all gone was emotional. That teepee was me, it was my heart, like an extension of myself. It physically hurt me when I arrived after the fires, but I constantly look for the positive and realise that these things happen for a reason ... My healing centre was my passion, it was such a powerful space that thousands of people passed through."

"Across 15 years of my life, I found the stress of running hospitality businesses in Mexico and California very challenging and was struggling to make my 13-year marriage work. The challenges of life took a toll on our marriage, and I decided afterwards to take a course in meditation and learned from so many other healers – gathering the courage to start again. Opening my 20ft wide teepee saved my life and I believe it could also be the reason why I’m now cancer free."

"Becoming close to nature saved my life, even though fire, a natural element, has now destroyed my home. Nature just works in this way and all the love that was in my teepee has now been released into the world. Luckily, I love building, so now it’s time to re-build and re-start my life, just like I did before."

Pamela is now staying with her close friend Christopher Christopherson, while another friend has started a GoFundMe page aiming to raise $25,000 (£19,440) to buy her a new teepee and resurrect her business. If you'd like to help her out after she lost her entire life in one fell swoop, then please consider donating to her cause. You could help her get back on her feet, so she can get back to work, helping others.